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MNA Metal Resources Receives First Scania NTG with R&M7

MNA Metal Scania NTG

MNA Metal Resources Sdn Bhd received its first New Truck Generation  G410A4x2NZ with Repair & Maintenance (R&M7) from Scania recently.

MNA Metal Enhances Its Recycling Operation with R&M7

MNA Metal Resources Sdn Bhd (MNA Metal) received its first New Truck Generation (NTG) G410A4x2NZ with Repair & Maintenance (R&M7) from Scania that is said to give the best reliability, fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emission, uptime and ideal payload optimisation to increase business productivity.

This sustainable partnership is expected to enhance MNA Metal’s recycling operations in greening the environment. Daniel Tan, Solutions Sales Director, Scania Southeast Asia, handed the key to Robert S. Mendoza, Director/General Manager, MNA Metal. Scania says MNA Metal would enjoy ‘worry-free operation’ due to predictable costs with planned downtime giving maximum uptime for seven years under the R&M7 contract.

The NTG comes fitted with standard safety features such as the technologically advanced Electronic Braking System (EBS), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Daytime Running Light (DRL) for better visibility. In addition, the adjustable seat that is near the door, ergonomic dashboard and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a safe and comfortable environment.

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MNA Metal Resources收到首辆配备R&M7的斯堪尼亚NTG卡车

MNA Metal Resources 私人有限公司收到第一辆配备维修和保养 (R&M7)的斯堪尼亚G410A4x2NZ全新一代卡车 (NTG)。据称,该卡车具有可提高生产力的最佳可靠性、燃油效率、较少的二氧化碳排放、优化的出勤率和理想的有效负载。

这种可持续的伙伴关系有望加强 MNA Metal 在绿化环境方面的回收业务。斯堪尼亚东南亚解决方案销售总监 Daniel Tan 将钥匙移交给 MNA Metal 董事/总经理罗伯特(Robert S. Mendoza)。斯堪尼亚表示,在R&M7 合同下,MNA Metal 将享有7年可预测成本和计划停机时间的无忧运营。

NTG 配备了标准的安全功能,例如技术先进的电子制动系统 (EBS)、防锁死制动系统 (ABS) 和日间行车灯 (DRL),以提高能见度。此外,靠近车门的可调节座椅、符合人体工学的仪表板和视野开阔的大挡风玻璃,让驾驶员能够在安全舒适的环境中更轻松地开车……


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