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MatraX Tyres Introduces a New Truck Range

MatraX Tyres Truck Range

Grupo Alves Bandeira has recently added a new innovative range of truck tyres to its MatraX product portfolio.

MatraX Truck Range Will Be Available in Europe

Having successfully introduced their MatraX brand into the international tyre market just over a year ago, Portuguese based Grupo Alves Bandeira have now taken the development of this increasing popular new tyre to the next level. The company has launched a new innovative range of truck tyres to the MatraX product portfolio recently.

This ‘all-new’ TBR range incorporates a series of 14 across 30 size option that are skillfully produced at a technologically advance tyre building plant in order to meet the high demands of commercial vehicle tyre demands and will be available in Europe in the near future.

The MatraX S1520 is a tyre specifically suitable for medium and long distance applications guaranteeing highly impressive grip to ensure a high standard of drive handling at high speeds. Whilst an advanced pattern complete with a built-in stone ejector gives greate anti-sideslip and drainage plus the distinct shoulder rib design provides outstanding rigidity in the shoulder groove  leading to improved traction and mileage service life. The S1520 will be available in size 315/80R22.5.

The MatraX SA405 tyre includes a special tread formula with an inner layer of low hot rolled rubber that effectively reinforces high wear resistance. Also, a unique shoulder area design enhances anti-wear performance and prevents irregular tread wear. Additional benefits include increased driving stability, drainage, low noise levels and reduced fuel consumption. The SA405 will be available in tire size 12.00R24.

The MatraX S1515 tyre is suitable for medium and long distance applications where high speed handling is required. Offering an advanced pattern design complete with a stone-ejector that increases anti-sideslip and improves drainage capabilities. Plus, a unique shoulder rib arrangement significantly improves shoulder groove rigidity, a higher level of traction and service life. The S1515 will become available in sizes 295/80R22.5 and 315/80R22.5.

The MatraX S1530 provides a wide shoulder design for increased tread wear and superior traction levels. Whilst other benefits include excellent road handling and impressive grip on wet and slippery road surfaces. The S1530 will become available in size 9.5R17.5.

The MatraX S1540 tyre has a distinct shoulder rib design that significantly reinforces shoulder groove rigidity leading to superior traction and service life. Also other important benefits include outstanding anti-skid and steering performance, impressive abrasion resistance for the reduction of heat build-up and a high level of self-cleaning and stone removal performance eliminating tread cracks.

The MatraX AT205 is a drive axle pattern specially optimised to give excellent handling performance in regional applications. With a tough directional tread for superior low wear on long haul trips. Whilst a unique tread block arrangement provides reduced rolling resistance and a higher level of fuel efficiency. The AT205 pattern will be initially available in two sizes – 295/80R22.5 and 315/80R22.5

The MatraX CL600 tyre is well suited for short and medium distance haulage work on both highway and off road surfaces with a directional pattern that ensures impressive traction performance and tough durability through an extra thick carcass structure. The CL600 will be available in size 13R22.5-W.

The CL605 has also been specifically designed to give a maximum-strong carcass with belt steel wire to provide superb load bearing levels for driving performance on rough and challenging road surfaces. Also a series of improved shoulder ribs greatly increase overall rigidity to ensure an improved service life. Whilst an ‘open shoulder’ design further increases heat dissipation and impressive self-cleaning properties. The CL605 will be available in size 315/80R22.5.

Joseph Sousa, Marketing Director at MatraX Tyres says, “Having successfully introduced our passenger car tyre range last year. We are now looking to extend the MatraX range to incorporate  our quality truck and commercial tyres. Which we confidentially anticipate will become another popular option for the truck tire market in all international markets.”

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