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CPC Tyre Establishes Supply of Truck Tyres and Trailer parts for Malaysia Market

CPC Tyre Truck Trailer Malaysia

CPC Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd established a company in 2008 that focused on the sale and service of truck wheels and parts, and towing accessories.

CPC Tyre Supplies Truck Tyres and Trailer Parts

Malaysia‘s road transport business is a well-developed industry supported by a good infrastructure network. Most highways are interlinked. With the growing truck market, CPC Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd established a company in 2008 that focused on the sale and service of truck wheels and parts, and towing accessories.

Following the rise of China‘s truck tyre  technology, the leading position held by Japan and Europe was no longer as stable as before. As the tyres from China fetched lower prices and their quality had improved, CPC Tyre took the opportunity to introduce China truck tyres to the Malaysian market in 2009. In 2010, CPC Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd was established to market these truck tyres. In subsequent years, CPC Tyre explored the potential of various China brands, each with its advantages and shortcomings, by marketing them. However in 2015, the company collaborated with Jiangsu General Technology Co Ltd to exclusively distribute and market the CTM range of truck tyres in Malaysia.

According to Vincent Chin, Managing Director of CPC Tyre, the main customers for CTM tyres are from the heavy industry sector. He continued: “This group of customers would only consider using tyres of good quality and great durability. CTM tyres meet their requirements. Besides having MS SIRIM certification, our tyres allow operators an extended mileage of more than 150,000 kilometres.”

He added: “Although the price of our tyres is 10 to 15 per cent higher than the other Chinese brands in the market, customers still choose our tyres because of the extended tyre life. In the long run, CTM tyres are definitely value for the money.”

At present, the top selling CTM model is the new XR581. The tyre is light in weight without compromising on durability and prolonged tyre life.

As for the sales network, the company currently has four outlets in Malaysia; LTB Tyre Sdn Bhd in Alor Setar for the northern region, K One Enterprise Sdn Bhd for the southern region and both CPC Tyre and CPC Marketing covering the central region. The central region branches also extend their sales and service support to customers in Sabah and Sarawak. In addition to the domestic business, CPC Tyre expanded its business to Laos and Cambodia.

Currently, CPC Tyre targets to sell 1,500 tyres per month and expects to improve the sales volume in 2019.

As for its business in the trailer parts division, CPC Marketing Sdn Bhd originally began selling and supplying selected parts to body builders. After being in this business for many years, the company understood that body builders need to streamline their procedures to save time and improve building efficiency. Therefore, CPC Marketing started manufacturing more trailer parts. In addition to its existing parts supply, the company started producing large truck components such as axles and pneumatic suspensions. With this expanded parts production, it has become more convenient for buyers and customers to shop for items.

TH Wang, Director of CPC Marketing, said: “In the beginning, we were only providing selected trailer parts to our customers. After many years of experience and understanding the body builders’ requirements, we gradually introduced more parts and accessories making it a one-stop centre for parts supply. This allows our customers to shop for the necessary parts and accessories under one roof, thus saving them time and money.”

CPC 行销开拓大马卡车轮胎业务与拖车零件供应


随着中国卡车轮胎技术的崛起,日本和欧洲的领导地位已不再如过去那般稳固。 CPC轮胎有鉴于中国轮胎的价廉物美,自2009年开始将中国卡车轮胎引入大马市场并于2010年成立了CPC轮胎(马)私人有限公司。在接下来的几年里,CPC 轮胎曾尝试经销过无数中国品牌轮胎。当中可说是参差不齐、各有长短。2015年,该公司正式获得中国轮胎制造商江苏通用科技股份有限公司的授权,成为CTM卡车轮胎的大马独家经销商。

根据CPC 轮胎(马)私人有限公司执行董事陈伯传表示:“CTM品牌轮胎的主要客户群为重工业者。这群客户对轮胎的考量除了优良品质之外,耐用的损耗性也不容或缺,因为CTM的轮胎可以让业者享有高达8万公里的行驶里数,而且也获得大马SIRIM认证。”

他补充:“尽管轮胎的售价会比市场其他品牌高10至15% ,但更多的行驶里数才是消费者最大的考量因素,因此CTM轮胎绝对物超所值。”


就销售网络方面,目前在全马共有四家分行,包括北部亚罗士打的LTB 轮胎私人有限公司、南部柔佛的K One 企业私人有限公司和中马CPC 轮胎(马)私人有限公司,以及CPC 行销私人有限公司。针对东马地区的客户而言,主要依然由中马区两间公司直接提供服务。除了国内业务之外,CPC也开拓海外市场,目前为止辽国和柬埔寨均向CPC购买卡车轮胎和卡车零件。

CPC 轮胎的销售目标为每月1,500条轮胎,同时他们也冀望2019年将有更好的销售业绩。

至于拖车零部件,CPC 行销以销售和供应特定的零部件给拖车制造业者起家,可是在累积了多年经验之下,开始了解到车身制造业者需要简化程序,以节省时间和提升造车效率。为此,CPC 行销就开始制造更多的拖车零部件。除了现有的零部件外,该公司也开始生产大型的卡车组件如车轴和气压悬挂,方便客户和买家选配适合的零部件。

CPC 行销董事黄子焕表示:“刚开始我们只为客户提供部分卡车和拖车的零部件,随着经验累积和了解车身制造商的需求,随而开始逐步增加零件供应甚至延伸至一条龙清单服务,好让客户可以一次过选购卡车的零部件,节省他们的时间和开销。”

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