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MAN OptiView Wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022

MAN OptiView Award Sustainability

The MAN OptiView digital mirror replacement system wins the 2022 European Transport Award for Sustainability in the Assistance Systems category.

Digital Mirror Replacement System Wins 2022 European Transport Award

The assistance system makes blind spots on driver and passenger side visible and ensures greater visual comfort and safety in difficult driving situations. OptiView replaces exterior and wide-angle rearview mirrors as well as front and ramp mirrors and instead works with cameras on the sides and front of the vehicle. The digital mirror replacement system has been available to order for all four MAN truck series TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX since October. The award is intended to encourage companies from the commercial vehicle sector to act sustainably by recognising forward-looking products and strategies in this area. With its OptiView digital mirror replacement system, MAN & Truck Bus won the coveted award in the Assistance Systems category at this year’s edition.

The OptiView digital mirror replacement system, which can be ordered as an option, uses cameras to show the traffic situation around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and also on the screen of the media system. In addition to the standard view, drivers also have a zoom and wide-angle view at their disposal, providing them with an optimum view of the surrounding traffic. OptiView thus significantly reduces the risk of overlooking other road users. The system’s field of vision also makes blind spots on the driver’s and passenger’s side visible, thus contributing to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in particular in the city.

In addition to the various screen views, MAN OptiView offers further supportive additional functions. For example, width and length auxiliary lines can be superimposed on the views of the side displays so that distances and dimensions can be estimated even better when overtaking or maneuvering. In addition, MAN OptiView also integrates the warning displays of the turn-off aid, the lane change aid and the lane change collision avoidance assistant in the two side displays. All important information on the surrounding traffic situation is thus always directly bundled and in view.

Another helpful and safety-enhancing additional function of MAN OptiView during breaks is the monitoring mode. This allows the driver to view the vehicle surroundings of his parking space via the wide-angle view in the side displays and the front camera image in the media system display, especially at night when the curtains are closed, and to detect suspicious movements around the truck at an early stage. The monitoring mode can be activated directly via the control module on the lower bed, from a sleeping position, so to speak at any time. If the vehicle is equipped with a rear-view camera in addition to OptiView, its image is shown as a split-screen view in the media display.

Critical driving maneuvers can occur not only in long-distance traffic on highways and freeways when changing lanes or at entrances and exits. An optimum overview of the traffic situation is essential, especially for the typically frequent turning and maneuvering in construction and distribution traffic. MAN has therefore offered OptiView for all four truck series TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX from the very beginning.

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