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The UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022 global final was held at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan from 18th to 21st October last year. 

UD Extra Mile Challenge - A Driver-Skill Based Competition 

From 18th-21st October, 2022, heavy-duty truck drivers from around the world competed in the UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022 global final at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan. Due to the pandemic, this was the first time since 2018 that the global final was held and the fifth such competition since it was introduced in 2015.

The UD Extra Mile Challenge is a driver-skill based competition that tests drivers in three key areas: pre-drive inspection, fuel efficiency and safe driving, and manoeuvring and parking skills. The competition featured the top drivers from 11 countries, each having already won individual regional competitions from a field of 260 drivers. Three drivers for the heavy-duty Quon and eight for the heavy-duty Quester battled in their bid to become the Ultimate Driver.

The countries represented in the global final were Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Ecuador, Qatar, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.... 

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2022年UD Extra Mile 挑战赛冠军终极最佳车手诞生


202210 月 18 日至 21 日,来自世界各地的重型卡车驾驶员参加了在日本上尾市UD体验中心举行的 2022年UD Extra Mile 挑战赛的全球总决赛。受疫情影响,这是该挑战赛自2018年以来首次举办全球总决赛,也是该挑战赛自2015年举办以来的第五次赛事。 

UD Extra Mile 挑战赛是一项驾驶技能竞赛,并以三个关键领域测试驾驶员:驾驶前对车辆的预先检查、节油和安全驾驶,以及操纵卡车和停车技巧。该比赛吸引了来自 11 个国家/地区的顶级车手参加,每位车手都曾在各自的赛区击败260名车手。 Quon重卡的三名车手和 Quester重卡的八名车手将在各自的组别中一比高下,为成为终极最佳驾驶员而战。 




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