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UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022 Ultimate Driver Crowned

UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022

The UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022 global final was successfully held at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan recently.

UD Extra Mile Challenge Demonstrates UD Truck’s Commitment to Driver Education &  Motivation

From 18th-21st October, heavy-duty truck drivers from around the world competed in the UD Extra Mile Challenge 2022 global final, held at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan. Due to the pandemic, this was the first time since 2018 that the global final was held, and the fifth such competition since it was introduced in 2015.

The UD Extra Mile Challenge is a driver-skill based competition that tests drivers in three key areas: pre-drive inspection, fuel efficient and safe driving, and maneuvering and parking skills. The competition featured the top drivers from 11 countries, each having already won individual regional competitions from a field of 260 drivers. Three drivers for the heavy-duty Quon and eight for the heavy-duty Quester battled in their bid to become the Ultimate Driver.

The countries represented in the global final were Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Ecuador, Qatar, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.

This year’s winner was Kouichi Aizawa of Nissho Maruwn Co., Ltd. representing Japan in the Quon category, and Chawin Chalermyart of S. Kanoksub Logistics Co., Ltd. representing Thailand in the Quester category.

Kouji Maruyama, President of UD Trucks, said, “We thank all drivers for their tremendous effort to keep logistics moving in these challenging times. The highly skilled drivers participating in this competition contribute not only to the bottom line, but also make society better by improving the efficiency of logistics, minimising traffic accidents, and reducing environmental impacts.“

The shortage of skilled drivers is a pressing issue facing markets the world over. The UD Extra Mile Challenge demonstrates the company’s commitment to driver education and motivation, while shining the light on the unsung heroes of Gemba – the truck drivers. It serves as a symbol for UD Trucks and how the company is going the extra mile for customer success. The competition also represents UD Trucks’ commitment to supporting smart logistics and achieving the company’s Better Life purpose, which is to make life better for people and the planet.

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