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SBTi Validates MAN’s Ambitious Climate Targets

SBTi MAN Climate

MAN‘s first step is to save 70 per cent of greenhouse gas emission at the company’s global sites by 2030 compared to the base year 2019. 

MAN Pursues Clear Goals to Adress Climate Change

MAN Truck & Bus aims to become greenhouse gas neutral in balance sheet terms by 2050 at the latest; the commercial vehicle manufacturer has committed to this in 2021 as part of the climate protection initiative Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

The first step is to save 70 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the company’s global sites by 2030 compared to the base year 2019. In contrast, the GHG fleet emissions per vehicle kilometre of trucks, buses and vans sold by MAN are to be reduced by 28 per cent by 2030 compared to 2019. The commercial vehicle manufacturer has now set itself these targets to take account of the Paris Climate Agreement and make a contribution to limiting climate change.

SBTi‘s validation of the targets was completed in time for ‘Earth Day 2022’ on 22nd April. “We are pursuing clear goals to address climate change. Sustainability is a central pillar of our strategy – decarbonisation of the entire value chain plays a key role in this. Our product portfolio, which currently accounts for around 98 per cent of our GHG emissions, is where the greatest leverage lies. We are therefore driving forward the electrification of our fleet in particular on a massive scale. Already today, demand for e-buses or electrified solutions in urban delivery traffic is picking up significantly. We would start producing heavy e-trucks at the beginning of 2024,” said MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp.

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曼恩商用车公司的目标是最迟在2050年,实现碳中和。该商用车制造商已承诺在2021年实现这一目标,作为气候保护倡议科学碳目标倡议 (SBTi) 的一部分。

第一步是相比于2019年,该该公司全球工厂的温室气体 (GHG) 排放量到2030年将减少70%。与2019年基准年相比,曼恩商用车销售的每辆卡车、巴士和货车公里的温室气体排放量到2030 年将减少28%。该商用车制造商现在已经为自己设定了这些目标,响应《巴黎气候协定》并为限制气候变化做出贡献。 

SBTi的目标验证已在4月22日的“2022 年地球日”前及时完成。曼恩首席执行长弗拉斯坎普( Alexander Vlaskamp )表示:“我们以明确的目标来应对气候变化。我们策略的核心支柱是可持续性——整个价值链的脱碳发挥着关键作用。我们的产品组合目前占我们温室气体排放量的98%左右,拥有最大的影响力。因此,我们正在大规模推动车队的电气化,尤其是今天,城市交付交通中对电气化产品的需求正在显着回升。我们将在2024年初开始生产重型电动卡车……”


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