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MAN Presents MAN OptiView in European Road-Show

From 3rd to 24th August, MAN is presenting the new MAN OptiView mirror replacement system to truck drivers at a European roadshow.

New MAN OptiView Mirror Cam System Improves Visibility

Technological innovations in trucks play an important role in increasing road safety both for truck drivers and other road users. Through its TruckLife tour, MAN is raising awareness of this topic and showcasing the intelligent assistance systems that enhance both driving safety and driving comfort – this time focusing in particular on the new MAN OptiView mirror cam system.

The roadshow started on 3rd August 2021 at the Euro Rastpark services in Schweitenkirchen near Munich and then moved on to Italy, Poland, Belgium, Spain and France. Focusing on road safety, the decision was made to hold the campaign during the summer holiday season when large numbers of holidaymakers as well as truckers are travelling on the continent’s motorways.

The main attraction of the TruckLife tour is a driver challenge involving the new MAN TGX, which is kitted out with the latest assistance systems. These include MAN OptiView, MAN CruiseAssist (long-haul assistant) and LCCPA (lane change collision prevention assistant). With the aid of the OptiView system, the aim of the challenge is to slalom and manoeuvre backwards safely through an obstacle course without making any mistakes. Truckers can also partake in snacks and (alcohol-free) drinks at the MAN outdoor lounge and experts from MAN will be on hand to present the distinctive features of the new TGX series. Long-haul drivers can even choose to stay overnight in a spacious MAN TGX cab and take advantage of the exceptional level of comfort it offers during their rest time. After all, ensuring that drivers enjoy restful sleep is hugely important when it comes to road safety.

MAN OptiView plays a major role in preventing accidents. The digital mirror cam system dramatically reduces the risk of truck drivers failing to spot other road users. The system’s field of view makes blind spots visible on both the driver’s and co-driver’s side, helping to protect cyclists riding through cities and pedestrians at service stations, for example.

MAN OptiView will be available to order as an optional extra on the new MAN Truck Generation from October 2021. The system replaces conventional exterior mirrors and instead works with cameras on the sides and front of the truck, as well as a rear-view camera, which can be added as an option. They show what is happening around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and also on the screen of the media system.

Drivers can choose from a range of view options and the MAN turn assist function is also integrated into the display concept. In turning situations, the systems offer the ideal combination of radar-based hazard detection and warning as well as visual representation of the areas to the right, left and in front of the vehicle without blind spots. MAN OptiView thus makes a significant contribution to increasing road safety, especially in conjunction with other driver assistance systems. In addition, the system enhances the personal safety of truck drivers during breaks and overnight stays at rest stops. Thanks to the all-round visibility provided by the camera system, drivers do not need to leave the vehicle or open the cab’s curtain to check what’s going on outside if they hear a suspicious noise, for example. As a result, they are better protected and can notify the police of the incident if need be.

The TruckLife tour got under way on 3rd and 4th August 2021 at the Euro Rastpark motorway services in Schweitenkirchen, where MAN welcomed VIP guests and influencers from the worlds of motor sport, entertainment, TV and music, including well-known entertainers Ross Antony and Matze Knop and biathlete Simon Schempp. The celebrities competed against truck drivers in skill driving, of course under the necessary hygiene measures for corona prevention.

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