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Iveco Joins the Poles with Plant the Future Project

Iveco Plant Future Project

The “Plant the Future” project, by Iveco together with reforestation organisations, confirms its commitment to be an active contributor for a sustainable future.

Iveco Targets for a Sustainable Future

As a pioneer in alternative propulsion, Iveco offers a wide range of low CO2 emissions vehicles, including the groundbreaking Iveco S-Way truck that provides a ready to go solution to decarbonisation when powered with Biomethane. The company’s engagement to sustainability doesn’t stop there, as Iveco invests in a range of projects to reduce emissions and improve the environment, such as the “Plant the Future” programme, which aims to increase the green spaces on our planet.

The project has already been successfully implemented in Italy, Poland and Germany, and in just a year since its launch, the CO2 savings through the Iveco S-Way gas trucks sold in these markets and the trees planted and donated to the customers with the vehicles’ delivery potential has exceeded 45,000 t/y. The CO2 saved is equivalent to the quantity absorbed by more than 3 million trees in a year. Iveco is now planning to extend the “Plant the Future” project to other European countries to create a virtuous circle that will continue into the future.

As a driving force in the energy transition of the transport industry, Iveco is very active on raising awareness of the key role that natural gas technology and biomethane have to play on the sector’s path to zero carbon. Today, an Iveco S-Way CNG/LNG truck powered with biomethane can already deliver a 95 per cent CO2 reduction and, with certain feedstocks, it is even possible to achieve negative emissions with a reduction up to 121 per cenr, as demonstrated by a recent industry study conducted by the Italian National Research Council (Cnr).

Iveco is directly contributing to the sector’s decarbonisation path by offering to customers a vehicle capable of shrinking their operation’s carbon footprint with no compromise on performance and mission coverage compared to conventional Diesel propulsions. To take sustainability to the next level, Iveco is investing in targeted initiatives such as the Iveco Ambassadors programme, which gives a voice to customers and partners who share its vision of social and environmental sustainability, and the Plant the Future project, which acts on the brand’s commitment to carbon reduction.

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