Commercial Vehicles Show a Potentially Encouraging Increase in Another Difficult Month for the Industry


After a near shutdown for sales and production of commercial vehicles in June, both markets have bounced back cautiously but are still far from normal levels, in figures released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Commercial Vehicles Figure Significantly Improve on the Previous Month

In June, sales of commercial vehicles were less than 3 a day. This month the market has risen from 80 units sold in June to 2,137, although this is still far from the 5,463 sales recorded in July 2020. Overall the year-to-date figures are still better however in 2020, with 27,428 against 21,298 for July 2020. The increased figures show the market is better able to incorporate Covid-19 into the day-to-day running of showrooms in Malaysia, with Sabah and Sarawak operating under the Government’s second phase of the National Recovery Plan. Online registrations are currently at this stage in time yielding minimal sales.

Production in June was close to non-existent, with just 30 commercial vehicles produced. With 379 vehicles produced, the market is currently operating at a little under a quarter of July 2020’s 1,639 vehicles. Encouragingly, however, the market is just over 50% bigger this year-to-date than in 2020. So far 17,895 vehicles have been produced against 2020’s 11,678.

The MAA are confident about August’s figures as showrooms will be able to operate in Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur, providing they fulfil the standard operating procedures put in place by the Malaysian Government. The increasingly successful rollout of vaccinations will also benefit the health and safety of staff members.

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