Optimus Prime Spotted in Ipoh

China FAW & NBG Industries

Designed with the European look, the FAW JH6 is powered by a 12.5-litre engine that delivers 460HP and is coupled with a 16S ZF transmission.

Eye-Catching FAW JH6

Mr and Mrs Stephen Ng of Kumpulan Jaguh Angkut (KJA) in Ipoh were amazed when they first laid their eyes on the FAW JH6. With the curves and build, the JH6 was awashed with colours such that it resembled Optimus Prime. They immediately fell in love with it.

This eye-catching unit was bought by Kumpulan Jaguh Angkut (KJA) and was recently delivered to its proud owners – Mr and Mrs Stephen Ng - at KJA’s yard in Kawasan Perindustrian Tasek. KJA is involved in the tanker and cargo transportation business.

Designed with the European look, the JH6 is powered by a 12.5-litre engine that delivers 460HP and is coupled with a 16S ZF transmission. NBG Industries Sdn Bhd, the distributor for FAW commercial vehicles in Malaysia, described the JH6 as ‘a truck with well-proportioned options - Technology & Soul’.

The 6x4 prime mover also has a designed GVW rating of 39.5 tonnes, making it the strongest in its class.

China FAW Group Corporation Limited, commonly referred to as FAW due to its original name ‘First Automotive Works’, has undergone dramatic developments since the start of China's reform and opening-up in 1978. Headquartered in Changchun city, Jilin Province, China FAW is seen as one of the most powerful automobile companies in China’s auto industry.


怡保发现 擎天柱


Kumpulan Jaguh Angkut (KJA) Stephen Ng和太太 ,第一次看到中国一汽JH6 时,惊叹不已。 

JH6 体形曲线,以及色彩,就如同重新组装的擎天柱(Optimus )。他们马上就爱上了它。这部KJA 所购买的牵引车,非常亮眼。 近日在该公司位于Tasek 工业区的集装箱场地 交付给Stephen Ng和他的太太。KJA主营罐车和货物运输。 

JH6欧洲风格的设计,搭载12.5升 引擎,最大可输出460马力,匹配16S ZF 传输系统。中国一汽商用车马来西亚经销商 NBG 工业私人有限公司,形容JH6均称选择一部科技及灵魂兼具的卡车。 

这辆6X4 牵引车的车全重为39.5吨,使它成为同级车辆中最强的牵引车。 



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