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Tata Motors Runs 3rd Edition of Successful Global Service Camp

Global Service Camp

Tata Motors recently organised the third edition of its Global Service Camp from 15th to 17th November, 2018.

Tata Motors Enhance Customer Experience Through Global Service Camp

To continuously provide best customer experience for its commercial vehicle range, Tata Motors recently organised the third edition of its Global Service Camp from 15th to 17th November, 2018. With a rise in serviced vehicles by 108 per cent in the second edition of the camp compared to the first one, last year, the company aimed to service more than 40,000 commercial vehicles across 700 touch points in above 40 countries.

“Started in 2016, the Global Service Camp is an immensely successful campaign by us. Through the previous two editions, we set a benchmark of scale and customer outreach. This camp has not only allowed us to address the servicing needs of our customers’ vehicles, but also gave us the opportunity to capture the voice of our most important stakeholders – the customers – and show our gratitude for their association with us. We are committed to strengthening our brand by further expanding the reach of this camp every year,” said Rudrarup Maitra, Head, International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors.

During this three-day service camp, commercial vehicle customers of Tata Motors enjoyed free comprehensive vehicle check-ups, free labour and special schemes on lubes along with various value-added services. The company also offered attractive discounts on Tata genuine parts and incentives to owners who reported with their vehicles to the service camp. The camp also offered ‘High Mileage’ Awards as a recognition for the customers.

Through the camp, customers were offered special pricing on Tata Motors’ entire range of commercial vehicles and experienced some of its new products and services. The service camp also acted as a platform for various training initiatives for drivers/operators, introducing and briefing them on new commercial vehicle technologies, safety practices and vehicle productivity.

With the most extensive range of commercial vehicles arising from day-to-day needs, Tata Motors is among the top 10 truck and bus manufacturers globally. With its vast global experience, the company says it brings a deep understanding of customer expectations from diverse markets and is well positioned to cater to the ever changing automotive norms and commercial vehicle trends across the globe. The company continues to invest in its products and sales and service network with an aggressive customer-centric approach of anticipating customer requirements.

DHCV, a distributor of Tata vehicles in Malaysia, participated in the campaign with its 30 Tata authorised service dealers nationwide. The campaign period also marked another milestone – the opening of We Care Car Service, Bukit OUG, Kuala Lumpur. This was seen as essential in providing ‘excellent customer service’ to existing Tata vehicle owners and strengthening the company’s presence in the commercial vehicle industry, particularly in the central region of Malaysia.


为了继续打造以客户为中心商用车型的最佳客户体验,塔塔汽车于去年11月15至17日,举行全球服务营(Global Service Camp)活动。与上一届相比,第二届的维修汽车数量提高了108%,该公司2018年的目标是在超过40个国家的700个接触点,为超过40,000 辆商用车提供服务。

“自2016年开办以来,全球服务营对我们来说是一个非常成功的活动。透过上两届的活动,我们设定了规模和客户外展的基础。该服务营不仅让我们能够解决客户汽车的服务需求,也让我们有机会聆听我们重要的‘股东’,也就是客户的声音,并谢谢他们对我们的支持。我们将致力于巩固我们的品牌,每年扩大此服务营的范围。”塔塔汽车商用车国际业务主管鲁拉路伯(Rudrarup Maitra)表示。

在这为期3天的服务营中,塔塔汽车的商用车客户可以享受免费的综合检查、免费的人工和润滑油的特别活动,以及各种附加值服务。塔塔汽车也会为塔塔正品零部件提供极具吸引力的折扣。 该活动还将颁发高里程奖给驾驶人。



塔塔汽车马来西亚经销商多元重工业商用车私人有限公司(DHCV) ,与其全马30家塔塔授权服务代理参与该活动。该活动也标志着另一个里程碑—吉隆坡Bukit OUG We Care汽车服务的设立。为现有的塔塔汽车车主提供‘卓越的客户服务’,以巩固该公司在商用车行业,特别是中马市场的地位为该公司而言非常重要。


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