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Lazada Malaysia’s LEL Express Introduces Tata Super Ace to Grow Last Mile Delivery Capabilities

The introduction of Tata Super Ace is vital to support LEL Express’ driver contractors in expanding its last mile delivery capabilities.

Handover Ceremony of Tata Super Ace 

DRB-HICOM Commercial Vehicles (DHCV), the distributor of Tata Motors commercial vehicles in Malaysia, held a ceremony to hand over the first two Tata Super Ace trucks to two driver contractors of LEL Express, Reza Sadon Enterprise and CFD 74 Enterprise

LEL Express is the logistic arm of Lazada Malaysia and the introduction of Tata Super Ace is said to be vital in supporting LEL Express’ driver contractors in expanding its last mile delivery capabilities. 

The ceremony was witnessed by Rohime Shafie, Head of Automotive Distribution, Manufacturing & Engineering, DRB-HICOM Berhad, Rudrarup Maitra, Head – International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Limited and Arpit Srivastava, Vice-President, Head of Strategic Partnership, LEL Express. Mohd Syahrul Yusuf, Chief Operating Officer of DHCV, presented the mock keys to the new owners. 

Tata Super Ace to hype deliveries of Lazada 11.11 Sale

Tata Super Ace is a one-tonne mini truck built with ‘cutting edge’ technology for intra and inter-city transportation solutions. The trucks handed over to Reza Sadon Enterprise and CFD 74 Enterprise were fabricated with customised box body to cater for the needs of e-commerce delivery services. 

Antoine Comar, Country Manager of LEL Express, Lazada Malaysia, believes the acquisition of the Tata Super Ace would bode well for the contractors. “We are delighted by the introduction of Tata Super Ace to support our driver contractors in Malaysia. This addition contributes to our promise of the best end-to-end experience for our customers. We are confident that with the continuous support of DHCV, we would further optimise our delivery operations,” he explained. 

LEL Express also geared up for Lazada’s biggest online event of the year – the 11.11 sale on 11th November, 2018. The 2017 edition saw more than 10 million visits to Lazada Malaysia’s mobile application and website within 24 hours, with a whopping 1,400 transactions per minute and merchants selling more than 50 times their daily volume. The numbers are expected to grow this year. 

Maitra said the delivery of Tata Super Ace to Independent Contractors of LEL Express was an important milestone for Tata Motors growth in Malaysia and the Asean region.

Tata Super Ace the preferred choice in 28 countries  

“Malaysia is one of our key markets in South-east Asia and we are delighted with the overwhelming response to our recently launched Tata Super Ace and the Ultra range of light trucks by DHCV. The Tata Super Ace is a proven performer that could be customised for various applications, delivering sustained value to customers,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Rohime said the Super Ace would benefit the companies. “Tata Super Ace is fitted with a 1405cc diesel turbo-charged engine that gives more power with better fuel efficiency as well as tough and durable build, engineered to support heavier loads and ensure long-term saving, making it a perfect last mile transport solution,” he said. 

The Tata Super Ace is said to be the preferred choice for last-mile transportation with a footprint spanning 28 countries across South Asia, Africa and Asean. 

Tata Motors has sold more than a million units since it was first launched in 2005. The mini-truck is described as a revolutionary product and a result of Tata Motors’ deep understanding of the market and consumer. 

Tata Motors customers in Malaysia are currently served by a network of 24 outlets at strategic locations and in major townships nationwide. DHCV aims to expand this reach in tandem with sales and market growth.


大马来赞达的LEL Express选择塔塔Super ACE



多元重工业商用车私人有限公司(DHCV), 塔塔汽车(Tata Motors)在大马的独家经销商早前举行交车仪式,将首两台塔塔Super Ace移交给Reza Sadon 企业和CFD 74 Enterprise,LEL 企业两家司机承包商。

LEL Express是大马来赞达(Lazada)的物流臂膀。据悉,塔塔Super Ace的推出对于支持LEL Express的司机承包商提高最后一公里递送服务至关重要。 

见证该仪式的有多元资源汽车分销、制造与工程部主管罗希米 (Rohime Shafie),塔塔商用车国际业务部主管鲁德兰鲁 (Rudrarup Maitra) 及LEL战略合作伙伴副总裁亚碧(Arpit Srivastava)。DHCV首席运营长莫哈末沙哈卢(Mohd Syahrul Yusuf)将模拟钥匙移交给新车主。 

塔塔Super Ace大肆宣传Lazada 11.11促销

拥有尖端科技的塔塔Super Ace 一吨级货车是跨城市及市内运输的不二选择。这两台移交给Reza Sadon 企业和CFD 74 企业的卡车均采用定制箱体,以满足电子商务递送服务的需求。 

大马来赞达LEL Express的区域经理科玛尔(Antoine Comar)认为购买塔塔Super Ace有利于他们的承包业务。“我们很高兴塔塔 Super Ace的推出以支持本地的司机承包商,这将有助于我们为客户提供最佳的端到端体验。我们相信在DHCV的持续的支持下,我们将能够进一步优化交付运营。”他解释说。 

LEL Express目前正准备迎接来赞达年度最大的线上活动 – 2011年11月11日的11.11促销活动。去年的11.11购物盛会,大马来赞达的移动应用程序和网站访问率超过1000万次,每分钟达成的交易数量高达1,400宗,商家销售量超过他们每日交易量的50倍。预计今年的销售量将进一步增长。 

鲁德兰鲁表示,将塔塔 Super Ace移交给LEL Express的独立承包商是塔塔汽车在大马和东盟地区增长的重要里程碑。 

塔塔Super Ace28个国家的首选 

“马来西亚是我们在东南亚的主要市场之一。最近DHCV所推出的塔塔Super Ace和Ultra系列轻型卡车能够在市场上获得热烈反应,让我们感到非常开心。塔塔Super Ace可以根据各种应用量身打造,为客户提供持续的价值。”他补充说。 

罗希米也表示Super Ace将使这些公司受益。“塔塔Super Ace配备1405 cc柴油涡轮增压引擎,可提供更高的动力和燃油效率。其坚固耐用的结构,旨在承担更重的负载并确保长期节省,使其成为最后一公里运输解决方案的首选。”他说。 

塔塔Super Ace一直是最后一公里运输的首选,其覆盖范围涵盖南亚,非洲和东盟的28个国家。 




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