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MAARA’s 11th Anniversary Gala Dinner

MAARA Anniversary Gala Dinner

The theme for MAARA’s 11th Anniversary Gala Dinner was ‘We Care, We Clean’.

MAARA Announces 3 Items of Good News

The Malaysia Automotive Recyclers Association (MAARA) hosted its 11th anniversary gala dinner on 10th November at the Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Restaurant, Grand Ballroom of Top Glove Tower, Setia Alam. Dr Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), was the guest of honour.

The theme for this year was ‘We Care, We Clean’. In the invitation letter to the members, MAARA President Gwee Bok Wee said the Association hoped to attract new members through this dinner. He also pointed out that numbers did matter as an association with more members would have greater strength, especially in influencing government regulation and policy as well as governmental decision making related to the industry.

In commemorating the 11th anniversary, the Association would print more than 1,000 copies of the MAARA 2020 calendar and distribute them to local automotive related workshops and international associates in the industry. Apart from that, MAARA wish to seek member support in placing advertisements in their directory, which they believe would enhance their members corporate branding and expand their business network and opportunities in the local market.

He also took the opportunity to announce three items of good news during the event. “In response to the Malaysian government’s re-establishment of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycle and management policy, MAARA would try its very best to fulfil the requirements of its members on the Authorised Automotive Treatment Facilities (AATF). MAARA has partnered with MARII in organising 4R (Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Remanufacture) 2S (Service and Spare-parts) training, with the support of SIRIM. We would continue to arrange this training for our members. Last but not least, we have established MAARA Corporation Berhad to enhance our members’ business operation and efficiency, and provide stronger support to the automotive recycle industry so that our members could concentrate on their core business through sharing business resources and improve business sustainability.”

In addition, he said MAARA would conduct the Automotive Environmental Forum (AAEF) next year.

Highlights for the night were the 4R2S certification presentation by Dato Mahani Sahari, CEO, Malaysia Automotive Robotics & IoT Institute (MARII), entertainment, toasting ceremony, car auction session conducted by Pickles Auctions and lucky draws.

MAARA is a non-profit organisation that looks after the welfare of members and promotes businesses in the sector that require extensive funding. It expressed the sincere hope that it could get support and fund donation from industry players to provide better support for the industry and generate more opportunities for its member enterprises, thereby creating a win-win situation for consumers and enterprises.


马来西亚自动车再循环公会(MAARA) 于11月10日在Setia Alam的Top Glove Tower 里的好想吃海鲜大酒楼,庆祝11 周年。马来西亚国际贸易及工业副部长王建民博士是当晚的嘉宾。

今年该公会的晚宴主题是“We Care, We Clean”。马来西亚自动车再循环公会会长魏木维在其邀请函中表示,公会希望透过该晚宴吸引新成员。他指出会员人数对公会来说很重要,因为会员越多,公会的力量也越大,特别是在影响政府法令和决策上。


他也在晚宴上公布了三项好消息。“公会将努力协助会员满足马来西亚汽车授权处理设施(AATF)的要求,以应对政府即将实施的ELV回收和管理政策。在SIRIM的支持下,该会与机器人学及物联网研究院(MARII) 联手,为会员主办4R(修理、重用、回收及再制造)2S(服务及备件)培训。我们将继续为会员安排该培训。最后,我们成立了大马自动车再循环公会股份有限公司(MAARA Corporation Berhad),旨在增强会员业务的运营能力和效率,为自动车再循环行业提供更强的支持,以便我们的会员能够透过分享业务资源,专注于他们的核心业务,改善业务的可持续性。 ”

此外,他说马来西亚自动车再循环公会将在明年主办汽车环境论坛(AAEF) 。

当晚的重点包括机器人学及物联网研究院(MARII) 首席执行长拿督玛哈尼(Mahani Sahari)颁发4R2S认证、余兴节目、敬酒仪式、Pickles 拍卖主持的汽车拍卖及幸运抽奖。




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