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Pickles Asia Offers Industrial Asset Traders an Efficient Marketplace

Pickles, the number one auction and valuation specialist in Australia, has expanded its reach to Malaysia.

Pickles Helps to Turns Industrial Assets Into Working Capital Quickly

With the establishment of Pickles Asia as its first overseas office in 2017, the company aims to offer a hassle-free selling and buying environment for industrial asset traders in Malaysia and the region.

“We have the expertise in selling industrial assets across multiple industries, including construction, transport, mining, military, government, oil and gas, as well as agriculture. These cover truck, earth moving, agricultural and mobile plant equipment to heavy machinery selling on a regular basis,” said Pickles Asia General Manager Joey Caisse.

Asset management is important in business. As all industrial investment have a transient value, there would be a time an organisation needs to upscale them. He noted that instead of auctions, many companies in Malaysia used the tender process to discard their used and surplus under-utilised equipment and machinery.

“The difference between an auction and tender is that the former creates an open competitive and transparent environment while the latter is completed in the dark, and it is harder to understand where the market value lies and it might be manipulated. Furthermore, no one knows whether the items for sale are fully marketed or achieve the highest market price. This is where Pickles comes into play, turning your industrial assets into working capital quickly,” he explained…..

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澳大利亚排名第一的拍卖和估价专家Pickles将其业务扩展至马来西亚。2017年, 作为Pickles第一个海外办事处的Pickles亚洲(Pickles Asia)落户马来西亚,旨在为大马和此区域的工业资产交易商提供无障碍的买卖环境。 

Pickles亚洲总经理凯斯(Joey Caisse)表示:“我们拥有销售建筑、运输、采矿、军事、政府、石油和天然气、采矿及农业工业资产等多个行业的专业知识。这包含了我们经常销售的卡车、运土机、农业和移动工厂设备及重型机械。” 


他解释说:“拍卖和招标的区别在于前者创造了一个公开竞争和透明的环境,而后者则是在暗中完成,不仅无法知道市场价值,还有可能被操纵。至于所出售的物品是否经过充分促销或达到最高市场价格,根本没有人知道。这就是 Pickles发挥作用的地方,它可以迅速地将你的工业资产转化为营运资金…….”




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