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Hino Malaysia Showcases Low-Floor Minibus at MCVE

Hino Malaysia Minibus MCVE

The Hino Poncho is designed as an innovative solution for the first and last mile travel for Malaysian passengers.

New Hino Poncho Minibus

Hino Motors Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (HMSM) participated in the recently concluded Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Exhibition (MCVE) and this was the fourth time that the company had taken part in the event since its commencement in 2013.

To align with this year MCVE’s theme – ‘The Future of Transportation in Malaysia’, HMSM displayed its 300 Series light-duty fully automatic trucks and Prime Mover 700 Series automated-manual transmission truck as well as its minibus, Hino Poncho. All of these products would be launched in Malaysia soon.

The Hino Poncho is designed as an innovative solution for the first and last mile travel for Malaysian passengers. With a length of 7 metres, Poncho is easier to manoeuvre through busy city and tight roads compared to current buses that are about 10-12 metres long. Though it is smaller in size, it could carry 21 passengers. With its ultra-low floor and kneeling functions, the minibus is wheelchair and senior passengers friendly.

According to the company, more than 2,500 Poncho minibuses are already operating in Japan, especially within busy urban areas.

With a Gross Vehicle Weight of 7,710kg, the Poncho is powered by a 5L J05D engine with 208PS at 2,800rpm and 490Nm of torque at 1,600rpm, and is paired with an automatic transmission. It has a 4×2 drive configuration and features air suspension and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Visitors to the MCVE also tried the Driver Aptitude Test (DAT), which is part of the company’s new training course conducted at the Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC), the Driver Aptitude Test and Safety Driver Training. Visitors also got their results immediately and could identify the strength and weakness of their driving techniques.

The DAT test was developed in Japan and localised by Yamato Transport Malaysia (YTM). It is mandatory for commercial vehicle drivers in Japan to take the DAT as one of the main measures in reducing the number of traffic accidents since 1972.




Poncho是日野为第一和最后一哩旅行的马来西亚乘客所引进的创新解决方案。Poncho 车长7米,相比于目前车长约10-12米的巴士,能够轻易地穿梭于繁忙的城市和窄路。尽管该小巴的车体较小,但却能运载21名乘客,而且其超低地板设计更方便轮椅和乐龄乘客上下车。


Poncho 4X2 车型的车全重7,710 公斤,搭载5L JOSD引擎,最高马力是208ps/2,800rpm,最大扭力490Nm/1,600rpm,配备自动变速箱、空气悬挂系统及防锁死制动系统(ABS)。

该展会的访客还可以尝试司机驾驶能力倾向测试(Driver Aptitude Test),该测试是日野最新的培训课程 ,也是该公司在日野全方位客户支援中心进行的司机驾驶能力测试和安全驾驶培训的一部分。访客可以马上获晓他们的测试结果,确定他们的驾驶技术的优缺点。

司机驾驶能力倾向测试是日本所研发,大马宅急便(Yamato Transport Malaysia)将之本地化。自1972年以来,日本将此测试列为降低交通事故的措施之一,强制所有司机必须经过该测试。

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