Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles and Cycle & Carriage Bintang Launch 3S CV Centre in Ipoh

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBM CV) and authorised dealer Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad (CCB) recently celebrated the opening of the RM1.1-million Cycle & Carriage Bintang Commercial Vehicle Centre (Cycle & Carriage CV Centre) in Gopeng, Perak. This represents CCB’s 13th dealership and its foray into the Fuso retail business, having previously provided Fuso after-sales only. 

“Living up to our tagline, ‘Trucks you can trust’, we are pleased to launch this Cycle & Carriage Commercial Vehicle Centre, enhancing our reach in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. With our trusted partner Cycle & Carriage Bintang, the launch represents a promise to our customers to steadfastly expand our service offerings to deliver the highest quality trucks that are designed for reliability and economic efficiency,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Vice President, Commercial Vehicles, Albert Yee. 

A full-fledged 3S centre, the Cycle & Carriage CV Centre is managed by personnel well-versed in sales, technical services and spare-parts for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso vehicles. The centre could display eight commercial vehicles complete with an open-air canopy concept and a customer lounge for more personalised customer service. Equipped with four work bays, a full length work pit and a dedicated engine repair area, the CV centre could service up to 43 Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicles a month. 

Speaking at the launch, CCB CEO Wilfrid Foo said: "We are moving forward to a very interesting time. This dedicated Commercial Vehicle Centre in Gopeng is the first for Cycle & Carriage to support our three other shared commercial and passenger car centres in Bukit Tengah, Batu Caves and Johor Bahru. This particular commercial vehicle workshop is designed and built with our customer’s comfort and care in mind. While our certified skilful technicians work on your prime movers and trucks, we will also take care of the drivers who bring the vehicles in." 

With a built-up area of 13,412sq ft, Cycle & Carriage CV Centre provides driver amenities for greater convenience and comfort. “At this centre, we provide the appropriate space and infrastructure to support our customers’ commercial vehicle needs, which includes the drivers’ comfort, with great amenities like a reading area, prayer room and rest rooms equipped with beds and recliners. We invested in these features specifically with the commercial vehicle market segment in mind,” Foo explained

 "This celebration is also significant as we officially signed the sales and service agreement for the Fuso brand. This is a new business development that would enable us to serve more Fuso commercial vehicles moving forward,” he added. 

For shorter turn-around time for commercial vehicle inspection, the CV Centre is strategically situated near Puspakom to reduce the customer waiting period. 

As the largest and oldest Mercedes-Benz authorised dealership in the country, CCB has presence in 13 locations nationwide. The Cycle & Carriage CV Centre is its first dedicated outlet for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicles only. 

At the same event, CCB also marked the delivery of a Mercedes-Benz Actros prime mover each to Chuan City Enterprise Sdn Bhd and Pek Ong and Sons Nurseries Sdn Bhd. Both are new customers to Cycle & Carriage Bintang.  It was the first Actros purchase for Chuan City Enterprise and the second for Pek Ong and Sons Nurseries.


马赛地马来西亚商用车与合发吉星怡保开设3S 中心


马赛地马来西亚商用车(MBM CV)与其授权经销商合发吉星有限公司(Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad ) 近日庆祝霹雳务边(Gopeng)新3S中心的落成。此耗资110万令吉的第13家合发吉星商用车中心的开幕,意味着该公司将从过去仅提供扶桑售后服务,正式进军扶桑零售生意。 

“遵循我们‘你可信赖卡车’的口号,随着这家合发吉星商用车中心的推介,将强化我们在北马的覆盖范围。我们与合发吉星一起携手,这个推介礼代表着我们立志为客户扩大服务范围, 提供最优质,可靠及具有经济效益的卡车。”马赛地马来西亚商用车副总裁茹海成表示。



合发吉星有限公司首席执行员Wilfrid Foo在推介礼上表示:“今天,我们正迈向一个非常有趣的未来。这家务边的3S中心是合发吉星的专门为商用车设立的第一家服务中心,用以支持3家分别位于Bukit Tengah 、黑风洞及新山的商用车及轿车的共享服务中心。我们在设计这家商用车维修中心时考虑到了客户的舒适度。当我们受认可和训练有素的技术人员为你的牵引车和卡车进行维修时,我们也会好好照顾那些将车子带到修车厂的司机。”

在这个面积13,412平方尺的3S商用车服务中心,备有特别为司机准备的设施,为他们提供更大的便利与舒适度 。“我们的中心宽敞舒适,设有阅读区、祈祷室及备有床和躺椅的休息室。这种种投资,显示我们在设立这个商用车中心时特别考虑到了商用车市场领域的需要。”他解释。


值得一提的是,该商用车3S中心邻近马来西亚电脑验车中心(PUSPAKOM) ,可缩短商用车检查和客户等待车子检查的时间。


此外,合发吉星有限公司也在该活动中将一辆马赛地Actros牵引车,分别交付Chuan City企业私人有限公司和Pek Ong and Sons Nurseries 私人所有公司。这两家公司都是该公司的新客户,Chuan City是第一次购买马赛地Actros,  而Pek Ong and Sons Nurseries则是第二次。






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