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KLCT ‘Safety = Savings’ Campaign Continues at MIROS Vehicle Safety Week 2019

KLCT Safety Campaign MIROS

KLCT gave a presentation on how the company helped customers improve safety and make savings on their tyre purchases through its SC3 Approach.

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group Sponsors MIROS’s Vehicle Safety Week 2019

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group (KLCT) steps up efforts to educate commercial fleet owners and the industry on how ‘Safety = Savings’ with the sponsorship of MIROS’s Vehicle Safety Week (VSW) 2019.

Attended by Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Minister for Transport Anthony Loke, MIROS launched its 2019 Vehicle Safety Week (VSW) with a focus on both passenger and commercial vehicles.

The commercial vehicle day had a strong focus on tyre safety and as part of Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group’s drive to help the industry improve safety, the company sponsored the event along with Petronas and Bridgestone.

KLCT gave a presentation on how the company helped customers improve safety and make savings on their tyre purchases through the use of technology that addressed all aspects of its SC3 Approach (Safety, Competitiveness, Cost effectiveness, Control) across all areas of the company’s business.

“Our aim is to help companies focus on the importance of their business while we automate more and more of the tyre-related supply chain, giving them the ability to perform real-time decision making. The key cornerstone is control. Any increase in control across a fleet with relevant key information and clearly marked and enforceable standard operating procedures would improve tyre life along with safer operation and cost savings being the desired by-products,” said KLCT Group Marketing Manager Michael Hutt.

KLCT’s sister company Entire Tyre ID Logic (ETIL), he continued, saw the opportunity to develop tyre-related technology across all areas of fleet business to massively increase control, using the company’s own technology – KLConnect.

From tyre-purchase decision analysis (choosing from an array of complicated multi-brand tyre options could be made easy) to tracking maintenance and repair as well as retreading through to financial management and business data analysis, KLConnect was described as a full suite of products that covered every aspect of managing commercial tyres.

The aim of KLConnect, Hutt said, was to make the Malaysian tyre market a tech-enabled space within the next three years.

“We have spent many years developing technical solutions, business intelligence and data analysis tools that are now starting to become more and more crucial to businesses as they face stiff competition in a rapidly evolving market,” he added.

2019 MIROS汽车安全周

KCLT “安全=节省”活动持续


出席马来西亚道路交通安全研究院2019年汽车安全周(VSW)发布会的有副首相拿督斯里旺阿兹莎(Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail)医生和交通部长陆兆福。该汽车安全周将焦点放在轿车和商用车辆的安全上。



“当我们将越来越多与轮胎相关的供应链自动化,为他们提供执行实时决策的能力之际,我们的目标是协助公司将重点放在业务的重要性上,而控制力是主要的基石。整个车队控制力的提升,带有相关信息以及明确标记和可执行的标准营运程序,可在改善轮胎寿命的同时拥有更安全的运营和成本节省。”行销经理赫特(Michael Hutt)表示。

他续说,吉隆商用车轮胎的姐妹公司Entire Tyre ID Logic(ETIL)看到在车队业务各个方面发展与轮胎相关科技的商机,透过使用该公司自己的科技—KLConnet,大幅提高控制力。



“我们花费了许多年来发展如今对业务越来越重要的 技术解决方案、商业智能及数据分析工具,因为业者在发展迅速的新兴市场中面对着剧烈的竞争。”他强调。

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