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IVECO to Further Expand Footprint in Asia with New Product Range

IVECO Asia Product

IVECO was the first European brand to enter the China market with a joint venture in 1985.

IVECO Looks for Business Partners in Malaysia

IVECO, a pioneering commercial vehicles brand that designs, manufactures and commercialises heavy, medium and light-duty commercial vehicles, which is now part of Iveco Group, since its establishment in 1975, IVECO has helped to build the road transport and logistics industry in many countries.

IVECO has a truck for every need, location and mission. We developed our manufacturing processes and product development in line with the growing needs of various markets, including the Asian region. IVECO Asia Region covers pretty much the Asian continent, from Eurasian countries like Turkey to Japan. For the eastern part of Asia, IVECO was the first European brand to enter the China market with a joint venture in 1985. We then extend our presence to South-East Asia,” said Head of Asia IVECO Truck Commercial Operations Koray Kursunoglu, appointed in 2019. The aim of his new organisation is to become more customer-centric, entrepreneurial, lean and innovative.

Kursunoglu brought with him an extensive experience gained in the Asia-Pacific region to his new post. This includes his previous role as IVECO Business Director for South-East Asia, Pakistan & Japan, held since 2014. Prior to this, he was Head of Sales for Turkey, responsible for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles as well as after-sales.

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库尔苏诺卢(Koray Kursunoglu)在2019年被委任为依维柯亚洲区卡车商用营运负责人。该新架构的目标让该公司变得更以客户为中心、更具企业家精神、锐意进取及开拓创新。他表示:“依维柯的卡车可以满足各种需求、地点和任务。我们根据包括亚洲地区在内的各个市场不断增长的需求,进行我们的制造工艺和产品开发。依维柯亚洲地区覆盖了大部分的亚洲大陆,从俄罗斯和土耳其等欧亚国家到日本。在亚洲东部地区,依维柯是第一个在 1985 年通过合资企业进入中国市场的欧洲品牌。随后,我们将业务扩展到东南亚。”

库尔苏诺卢拥有丰富的亚太地区经验。他自2014 年起担任依维柯东南亚、巴基斯坦和日本业务总监。在此之前,也曾任职为土耳其销售主管,负责轻型、中型与重型商用车业务及售后……。


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