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Iveco Adds Extended Range CNG Tanks to Iveco S-Way Natural Gas Range

The latest Iveco S-Way operates the most mature gas technology on the market. 

Iveco Continues its Investment in Gas Power 

Spearheading the largest decarbonisation movement in transport for over 20 years, the latest Iveco S-Way operates the most mature gas technology on the market. Natural Gas versions of Iveco‘s heavy truck enable operators to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions output by up to 95 per cent when running biomethane fuels in either Compressed (CNG) or Liquefied (LNG) forms. 

To celebrate Iveco‘s continued investment in gas power it has expanded its available fuel tank options on its Iveco S-Way CNG 4×2 tractors, increasing the total fuel capacity to 1,052-litres, up by 132L. 

The CNG fuel tanks consist of four cylinders arranged in to a ‘pack’, with one pack sitting on either side of the truck’s chassis. Maximising available space, half of the total cylinders on each side remain at 115L, while the balance have been increased to 148L. 

This additional tank size enables 160kg of compressed natural gas to be squeezed into the tanks, which equates to an impressive 15 per cent proportional uplift in vehicle range.  Available to order now, the enlarged fuel tanks require a minimum 5th wheel height of 190mm.


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