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Hong Seng: XCMG Hanvan Customer Appreciation Night

Hong Seng XCMG Hanvan

Hong Seng XCMG Hanvan Customer Appreciation Night was well attended by approximately 300 guests.

Hanvan Becomes the Preferred Choice of Malaysian Drivers

Hong Seng Group hosted the Hong Seng XCMG Hanvan Customer Appreciation Night recently at the Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, in recognition of the unwavering support of their customers.

The event, which was held on the 2nd January, was well attended by approximately 300 guests, who were treated to a glamour dinner, accompanied by lively entertainment.

Dato’ Teoh Hai Hing, Group Managing Director, Hong Seng Group warmly welcomed Hanvan customers from across Malaysia, with some of them coming from as far as Johor. “Thanks for all the support, trust and confidence that each of you have in us. We recognise that our success is driven by the good relationships with the customers, and tonight is not only to celebrate the relationship we have upheld, but also the achievement of 1,000th sales unit of Hanvan. We hope that you would continue to support us in the future, as we promise the trucks that we deliver will be better and better, as will our services.”

The present of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) Automobile Business Unit Deputy General Manager Luo Dong Hai and Xuzhou Construction Machinery GroupAsia Pacific, President Hu Xiang Yang reflected the importance of the Malaysian market to XCMG.

“Since XCMG launched Hanvan high-end heavy trucks in 2015, the product has been a star in the limelight, breaking not only the domestic sales record, but also receiving substantial orders from overseas markets. Today, XCMG is ranked 9th in the China market with annual sales exceeding 20,000 units. It is also the number one heavy truck manufacturer with the highest annual sales growth in China.

XCMG is amongst the top 500 companies in China, as well as the top 500 in the world.  With the support of XCMG, the efforts of our sales and after sales team, as well as our other employees, Hanvan has become the most preferred brand of Malaysian drivers.”

The speech of Dato’ Haji Mahfuz Omar, Deputy Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia, was delivered by his representative Zaihan Shukri, Director General, Department of Skills Development, Malaysia, who stated that vocational education and training has been proven to contribute to the upskilling of human capital, which would enhance the competitiveness and economy of the country. The development of human capital in the future must be able to fulfil the needs of the industry and the labour market.

Hong Seng was praised for being a responsible employer that is serious about developing the knowledge and skill sets of its apprentices and staff. Hong Seng Group would be providing National Dual Training System courses for the sale of motor vehicles, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, and the sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories for commercial vehicles.

Following the speech was the presentation of Malaysian Skills Certificates (SKMs) through Recognition of Prior Achievement (PPT) and National Dual Training System Induction Certificates (SKDNs). The certificates were presented by Zaihan Shukri to Betty Chang, the representative from the SKDN course.  More than 300 staff from Hong Seng Group are qualified to be appointed as SLDN trainers and coaches.

There was also a presentation of a letter of intent to hire ex-convicts as apprentices by Hong Seng Group representative William Teoh to Dato’ Haji Abdul Aziz Abdul Razak, Deputy Director General (Reintegration) of Prisons Department, Malaysia. Former inmates, said the Group, deserved a second chance in life through employment after having served their jail sentences. Thus, Hong Seng Group has decided to response to the call of government to companies to consider hiring former inmates, and made it as part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility. This initiative is meaningful as it could help to turn the ex-convicts into the energy source of industry, reducing the country’s dependency on foreign workers.

Another presentation of a letter of intent was to Dato’ Mohd Jeffery Joakim, Director General of Labour, Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia by Hong Seng Group HR to register job vacancies on JobsMalaysia. This is an automated online job matching system provided by the Ministry of Human Resources. The JobsMalaysia Portal provides facilities for job seekers to seek suitable jobs and for employers to get the right candidates.

Other highlights of the night included an impressive awards ceremony to thank customers and honour the outstanding sales personnel and branches. These included Appreciation Awards to customers, the Best HS-XCMG Hanvan Sales Person Award and the Best HS-XCMG Hanvan Sales Performance Branch Award.

丰成 – 徐工汉风客户感恩之夜





“自徐工集团于2015年发布汉风高端重卡以来,该产品就成了众人瞩目的明星,不仅打破了中国国内的销售记录,也接获许多来自海外的大宗订单。今天,徐工集团在中国市场名列第九,每年的销售量超过20,000 辆。它也是中国拥有最高年度销售增长的重卡制造商。徐工集团不仅是中国500强企业之一,也跻身世界500强企业。徐工集团的支持,再加上我们销售和售后服务团队,以及其他员工的努力,汉风如今已经是马来西亚司机的首选品牌。”

马来西亚技能发展部总监再汉(Zaihan Shukri)在该晚宴中读出马来西亚副人力资源部部长马夫兹(Dato’ Haji Mahfuz Omar) 的献词。马夫兹在献词中表示,技职教育与培训已获证实可提高能够强化国家竞争能力和经济的人力资本。未来的人力资本发展必须能够满足行业和劳工市场的需求。


紧接着是颁发透过“先前认可成就”(PPT)和双培训课程入门证书(SKDNs)的马来西亚技能证书(SKMs)证书仪式。再汉将证书颁发给双培训课程代表Betty Chang。超过300名丰成员工被委任为该课程的培训导师。

此外,丰成集团代表William Teoh还将意向书呈交给马来西亚监狱局副总监(再融合)部门拿督阿都鲁阿兹斯(Dato’ Haji Abdul Aziz Abdul Razak) 。该集团认为应聘用前囚犯,给予他们人生的第二次机会。因此,丰成集团坚定响应政府对公司的呼吁,聘请前囚犯作为该集团企业社会责任的项目之一。这个充满意义的倡议,可协助将前囚犯转换成为行业里的人力能源,降低我国企业对外劳的依赖。

另一份在JobsMalaysia网站注册以登招聘广告的意向书则由丰成集团人力资源部主管呈交给马来西亚半岛人力局总监拿督莫杰弗里(Dato’ Mohd Jeffery Joakim)。这是马来西亚人力资源部的一个自动化线上职业匹配系统。雇主与求职者皆可通过JobsMalaysia网站,免费招聘职员与应征工作。


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