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Hong Seng Reveals Hangcha Forklift Brand Expansion Strategy

Hong Seng Hangcha Forklift

Hong Seng Group is eyeing future expansion in a big way, not only in its Chinese heavy and light vehicle operations but also in the forklift industry.

Hong Seng Focuses on Hangcha AE Series Electric Forklift

The Hong Seng Group, a leading remanufacturing and rebuilding services provider in Malaysia since 1965, is eyeing future expansion in a big way, not only in its Chinese heavy and light vehicle operations but also in the forklift industry.

Hangcha entered the Malaysian market in 2003 when the market was seeing a high demand for new and used Japanese vehicles. Hangcha, therefore, recommended forklifts equipped with Japanese engines and gearboxes to users. The sales volume was about 50 to 100 units per year due to the high cost, and it was difficult to further grow the brand. Until 2019, the sales volume was still only about 50 units more. Hangcha then contacted the Hong Seng Group and changed its marketing strategy. They introduced their high-quality forklift models that have been very popular in China to us. Anticipating the future trend of the local market, Hong Seng focused on the Hangcha AE series electric forklift, which is powered by an innovative lithium-ion battery and an internal combustion forklift as a starting option, “said Annie Loe, Marketing Director, Forklift Division of Hong Seng Group.

She revealed that Hangcha sells its forklift through dealers. The familiarity and knowledge of the local forklift market, especially in terms of applications and requirements, is the main reason for Hangcha to appoint Hong Seng as their distributor in Malaysia…..

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自1965 年以,丰成集团一直是马来西亚领先的再制造和重建服务提供商。该集团正着眼于未来的大规模扩张,不仅在中国重型和轻型车辆业务,还包括了叉车行业。

丰成集团叉车事业部营销总监罗安妮表示:“杭叉于2003年进入马来西亚市场,当时市场对日本新车和二手车的需求很高。因此,杭叉向用户推荐配备日本引擎和变速箱的叉车。由于成本高昂,年销量在50至100台左右,品牌难以进一步做大。直到 2019 年,销量仍然只有 50 台左右。杭叉随后联系上丰成集团并改变了他们的营销策略,并向我们推荐了在中国爆款的优质叉车产品。预估了本地市场的未来趋势,丰成选择着重于创新AE系列永磁同步电机锂电池叉车及内燃叉车作为起步。”



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