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Hong Seng Group Develops Baoli Forklift Market

Hong Seng Group Forklift Market

Baoli forklifts are built with high-end German technology and advanced China build expertise.

Baoli Forklift – Excellent Quality Beyond Value 

Hong Seng Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Baoli forklifts. These forklifts are built with high-end German technology and advanced China build expertise. Since its official launch here in April 2018,it received good response from the industry and there were no negative feedback.

The Baoli brand is derived from the well-known German KION Group, the world’s leading supplier of forklifts, storage equipment and other industrial vehicles. With brands such as Linde, STILL, OM and Baoli, it is the global leader in the forklift market.

The KION Group has branches in more than 100 countries around the world. To date, it has 21,000 employees and achieves a turnover of more than 4.5 billion Euros.

Annie Loe, Marketing Director of the Forklift Division of the Hong Seng Group, said consumers in the Malaysian market were initially not confident and readily accepting of trucks or forklifts produced in China. Encouraged by the development of Chinese technology in recent years, the Hong Seng Group continued to promote China trucks and improve any related deficiencies to meet the needs of the Malaysian market. Currently, the industry users were said to be very confident and have shown strong support, and believe that China’s excellent production technology has already gained a strong position in the global market.

She continued: “The Baoli forklift combines economical, practical and easy-to-manage features. Compared to the price of a general Japanese brand forklift, Baoli already saves the consumers more than tens of thousands of ringgit. We have also provided Baoli forklifts to a large number in the logistics sector and this has made users less worried about the maintenance of these forklifts.”

At present, the Baoli forklifts made available by the Hong Seng Group include the 1- to 10-tonne models. The battery forklifts are from 1 to 3 tonnes.The reference price is very attractive and the final price depends on the forklift model and accessory package.

The Baoli forklift comes with an engine that meets international emission standards and its power output is strong while remaining environmentally friendly. Combined with a gearbox that is independently developed and produced by KION, its durability and longevity are said to be greatly extended.

Other features include: Removable suspension cabin for easy overhaul repairs; engine bonnet insulation to reduce noise; large handrails for more comfort in use; wide field vision gantry for greater viewing; rubber dampers between cabin and chassis to minimise vibration; being equipped with pneumatic tyres as standard as these tyres are efficient and practical; a steering wheel with adjustable angle; a seat that could be adjusted forward or backward; and a KION standard structure paintwork that helps to improve safety and is easy to touch up.

Loe added: “As the Hong Seng Group always promotes the concept of customers first, coupled with the Group’s long-standing reputation, the Group’s Managing Director Dato Teoh Hai Hin’s personal attitude is that the customer is the top priority, and we promise, we deliver. The people in the industry are very satisfied with the performance of our services and we look forward to the encouraging sale of the forklifts in 2019.”

To make the sales of the Baoli forklifts more attractive, Hong Seng Group offers 3-year loans at 1++ per cent interest rate promotion this year to all the qualified buyers.


品质卓越 价值超越

丰成集团(Hong Seng Group)很荣幸成为宝骊(Baoli) 叉车的独家经销商。宝骊叉车采用德国高端科技和中国先进技术打造而成,自2018年4月正式开卖以来,就迅速取得业界用者的好评,并没有任何负面消息。

宝骊品牌源自于德国着名凯傲集团(KION Group),该集团是全球领先,专注于叉车、仓储设备和其他工业车辆的供应商。旗下拥有林德(Linde)、斯蒂尔(STILL)、欧模(OM)和宝骊(Baoli)等品牌,是全球叉车市场的领导者。






其他特点还包括可拆卸的悬浮式车架,便于维修、引擎盖里设有波峰海绵,提供更好的隔音性、加大型上车扶手,更有舒适性、宽阔视野门架,可提供更大视野空间、驾驶舱与底盘之间有橡胶减震垫,使震动最小化、整车标配充气胎,高效且实用、 可调节角度的方向盘、配备标准座椅,可向前或向后调整,以及融入凯傲元素的结构颗粒漆,具有具有不反光、易修补等特点。



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