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Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop: Venture Into New Business with Josam Products

Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop

Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop, which operates a 1.4 acre facility in Lunas, Kedah is reputed for its 24 hours towing service, car repairing and accident collision insurance claim work. Since July 2016, the company has also ventured into the truck body builder business.

Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop Expands Business Horizons with Introduction of Josam Products

The owner, Kian Huat Seng started as an apprentice in an automotive workshop in 1978, after which he went to Brunei and Singapore to start his own automotive business. In 1986, he came back to Malaysia and opened his first automotive workshop in Sungai Petani with an initial capital of RM500.

The core business for Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop is its 24 hours towing service, car repairing, and work arising from accident collision insurance claims. In July 2016, Kian grabbed the opportunity to secure a truck body builder licence from JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan). Since then, he has started to invest in Josam products for this new business.

To meet and surpass customers’ expectations in service and quality, the company needed to keep up with the latest technology. According to Kian, the products that he bought from Manbeni Machine Tools (M) Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Josam products in Malaysia, are the Josam truck frame repair system, frame measuring system and CV-Liner camera wheel alignment system for trucks.

As an example, the traditional way to measure frame is by using string and rulers. Josam’s product uses laser technology and can achieve 99.9% accuracy.

“We chose Josam products because they are lightweight as all their materials are made from aluminium. Beside that, they are easy to use and very convenient. Josam products only require one to two staff to operate. Manbeni Machine Tools (M) Sdn Bhd also give us a lot of support and knowledge regarding these new products.”

At present, Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop is the only workshop in Kedah that is equipped with Josam’s products. Kian’s company is one out of seven truck builder licence holders in Kedah state.

“It is important for us to invest in a global well-known brand such as Josam. Apart from the features and technology, there are safety aspects that we have to take into consideration.”

Kian has regularly donated to orphanages every Chinese New Year for the past 30 years. He made a promise to contribute to society after achieving success in his business. Moving forward, he hopes he can earn RM 1 million through his truck body builder business within five years to build an orphanage.

Kian said that their new target customers are the fleet operators in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. They have plans to hire a sales person to promote their new services. By using the Josam wheel alignment system, Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop is able to provide truck wheel alignment services on the spot as well as door to door.

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