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Fuso ‘All For You’ Contest Mini Draw Winners Announced

Fuso All For You Contest

A total of 897 entries were received and 15 Mini Draw winners and 15 Lucky Draw winners went on stage to receive ‘magnificent prizes’ .

Fuso ‘All For You’ Contest Rewards Customers

The Fuso ‘All For You’ Contest mini draw was held recently at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel. Organised by Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), nearly 300 guests and media attended the event dressed to their best according to night’s theme of denim wear.

The ‘All For You’ Contest mini draw event is a mid-year nationwide event to reward customers who registered a Fuso truck between 1st November, 2018 and 30th April, 2019. A total of 897 entries were received and 15 Mini Draw winners and 15 Lucky Draw winners went on stage to receive ‘magnificent prizes’ that ranged from gold, parts and service vouchers as well as Special Edition Touch n’ Go cards with a total value of nearly RM50,000.

The following are the customers who won. The grand prize was won by Yustra Ice Cube, followed by 1st prize winner Potensi Cemerlang (IPG) Sdn Bhd, 2nd prize winner Power Star Freight Sdn Bhd, 3rd prize winner Water Tec Enterprise and 4th prize winner Huat Lai Resources Bhd. Consolation prizes winners were Larico Infrastructure Sdn Bhd, A&A United Logistics Sdn Bhd, Sri Aries Enterprise, TME Tyre Retread Sdn Bhd, SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Anok Gelamo Enterprise, Fitrah Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Wellings Pill house Sdn Bhd, TS Tamil Catering and Axcer Food Manufacturing.

The contest name ‘All For You’ is said to have a very special meaning in Fuso as it emphasises the brand’s customer-oriented spirit to support and grow with its customers. ‘All’ emphasises the commitment of HSTD and the strong Fuso dealer network, and customers who are dedicated to Mitsubishi Fuso trucks, after-sales service and parts. The latter half of the contest name ‘For You’ reinforces HSTD’s focus of all its activities to the Fuso dealers and customers and supporting them as a professional partner to drive their businesses ahead. It thus reflects customer appreciation as the focus of Fuso business.

HSTD is the general distributor of Daimler trucks and says it delivers the highest quality of Fuso commercial vehicles that customers could trust and depend on. The Fuso ‘All For You’ Contest mini draw is seen as a testament of the trust that customers place on the brand. For its long-established history, Fuso is well known as a reliable Japanese truck for its fuel efficiency and uncompromising driving performance in safety and comfort. The trust and support showered in the ‘All For You’ Contest mini draw is said to further drive HSTD commitment in delivering the best quality commercial vehicles and after-sales service to its customers.

Every unit of Fuso trucks purchased and registered entitles the customer to one contest entry. And all Fuso mini draw customers are eligible to win more prizes during the Grand Draw next year, including a new Mercedes-Benz C200 among other exclusive prizes, as long as they have registered a Fuso truck before the contest closing date on 31st December, 2019.

For more information on the contest, visit the nearest Fuso authorised dealer nationwide or for more details.

扶桑“All For You” 竞赛公布迷你抽奖得奖者

扶桑“All For You” 竞赛迷你抽奖近日于八打灵再也希尔顿大酒店盛大举行。大约有300名嘉宾和媒体参加这个由合成卡车分销私人有限公司(HSTD)主办的活动,他们的衣着打扮也都充分展现这个活动的牛仔布主题。

这个在年中于全国举行的“All For You ”竞赛迷你抽奖,旨在奖励在2018年11月1日至2019年4月30日注册一辆扶桑卡车的客户。该公司一共收到897份参加表格,当晚有15名迷你抽奖优胜者和15名幸运抽奖得主上台领取黄金、零部件及服务礼券,以及“ 一触即通” (Touch n’ Go)卡,总值近50,000令吉。

大奖得主为Yustra Ice Cube ,接下来是一等奖得主Potensi Cemerlang(IPG) Sdn Bhd ,二等奖得主Power Star Freight Sdn Bhd,三等奖得主Water Tec Enterprise及四等奖得主Huat Lai Resources Bhd。安慰奖得主有Larico Infrastruture Sdn Bhd、A&A United Logistics Sdn Bhd、Sri Aries Enterprise 、TME Tyre Retread Sdn Bhd 、SDS Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd 、Anok Gelamo Enterprise 、Fitra Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd、Wellings Pill House Sdn Bhd、  TS Tamil Catering及Axcer Food Manufacturing。

据悉,该竞赛的名称“All For You” 对扶桑有着一个非常特别的意义,因为它聚焦于该品牌以客户为导向的精神,支持和与客户一起增长。“所有”(All) 强调HSTD的承诺和强大的扶桑代理网络,以及那些献身于三菱扶桑卡车、售后服务及零部件的客户。至于“For You”再次强化作为一名专业伙伴的 HSTD聚焦于扶桑代理与客户的活动,支持客户,推动他们的业务发展。


HSTD是戴姆勒卡车总经销商,并表示他们交付最高品质,客户能够信任和依靠的扶桑商用车。扶桑“All For You” 竞赛迷你抽奖正是客户信任该品牌的最佳证明。历史悠久的扶桑是著名且可靠的日本卡车品牌,非常节油,具有无与伦比的驾驶性能、安全及舒适性。从“All For You ”竞赛所获得的信靠和支持来看,该竞赛进一步推动了HSTD交付最佳品质的商用车和售后服务的承诺 。

每购买和注册一辆扶桑卡车的客户就能获得一份参赛表格。值得一提的是所有的扶桑迷你抽奖客户都有资格在明年的大抽奖中赢取更多奖品,包括一辆马赛地C200等其他独家奖品,只要他们在该竞赛截止日,也就是2019年12月31日前 注册一辆扶桑卡车。




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