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Fuso Trucks Fleet Handover Ceremony to Yustra Ice Cube

Fuso Trucks Yustra Ice Cube

Yustra Ice Cube had full trust and confidence in Fuso trucks as they were widely seen on the road in Kelantan and the surrounding areas.

Yustra Ice Cube Choose Fuso Trucks

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), the authorised distributor of Fuso trucks in Malaysia, and its authorised Fuso dealer, Leang Seng Motors (1980) Sdn Bhd, officially handed over ten Fuso FE71PB light-duty trucks to Yustra Ice Cube on 19th March, 2019.

The Fuso FE71PB truck series is commonly used for door-to-door logistic transportation and built for the long run. The reliable truck performance is said to come hand-in-hand with power and fuel efficiency.

During the handover in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, a symbolic mock key and Fuso Canter miniature truck were presented by Jacky Tan, Fuso Senior Operations Manager, to Yustra Ice Cube Managing Director Mohamad Yusrid Mohd Yusof. The ceremony was witnessed by the management team and staff of HSTD, Leang Seng Motors and Yustra Ice Cube.

Yustra Ice Cube prides itself as a company dedicated to producing a variety of ice products ranging from ice cubes to ice blocks since 1988. “As a company that relies heavily on the transportation of ice cubes and ice blocks, it is crucial that our trucks are in tip-top condition as we provide good end-to-end service to our customers. We are on track for growth this year to expand our fleet, so it is vital for us to look for reliable performance trucks that could provide fast delivery and ensure customer satisfaction,” said Yusrid.

Yusrid added that his company had full trust and confidence in Fuso trucks as they were widely seen on the road in Kelantan and the surrounding areas. The decision to purchase the Fuso trucks was also based on the healthy relationship built between his company and Leang Seng Motors as well as the acknowledgement of quality after-sales services support offered by Fuso.

Jacky expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Yustra Ice Cube for its support. He is confident that the Fuso trucks would be a vital force for the customer to achieve its long term business objectives and overall mission. “We wish to congratulate Yustra Ice Cube on its new fleet purchase of Fuso trucks. We are proud to be its partner and are indeed very happy that this company has placed its confidence in Fuso trucks for its business growth. Today’s handover is to show how important the customer is to us and our heartfelt thanks to them. It is a trust that we greatly value and appreciate deeply, and our company’s on-going commitment to offer trucks of the highest quality while offering reliability and economic efficiency to our customers as we continue to provide total Fuso support.”

Leang Seng Motor Director Lee Soon Yong said: “In the FMCG industry, we understand that customers require vehicles that are safe, durable and perform well under pressure. Peace-of-mind is what customers look for and together with Hap Seng Trucks Distribution, we are proud to deliver the highest level of quality and after-sales service to Yustra Ice Cube.” The Fuso authorised dealer is committed to deliver the best support to the customer for the mutual trust between both companies.

扶桑卡车车队移交Yustra Ice Cube 仪式

合成卡车分销私人有限公司(HSTD),马来西亚扶桑卡车授权经销商与其授权扶桑代理Leang Seng Motors (1980)私人有限公司于2019年3月19日,正式将10辆扶桑FE71PB轻卡移交给Yustra Ice Cube。


在吉兰丹哥打巴鲁的交车仪式上,扶桑高级营运经理Jacky Tan 在HSTD、Leang Seng Motors  以及Yustra Ice Cube 管理团队和员工的见证下,将象征性的模拟钥匙移交给Yustra Ice Cube董事经理尤斯立(Mohamad Yusrid Mohd Yusof)。

Yustra Ice Cube 自1998成立以来,就专门生产各种冰制品 ,从小冰块到冰块。“我们非常依赖我们的卡车来运送小冰块和冰块,因此我们的卡车是否保持在最佳状况非常关键,以便能够为客户提供良好的门到门服务。我们今年有望实现增长,以扩大我们的车队。因此,寻找性能可靠,可提供快速运送,确保客户满意度的卡车为我们来说很重要。”尤斯立表示。

尤斯立补充,该公司绝对信任扶桑卡车,因为他们经常在吉兰丹的路上看到扶桑品牌。决定购买扶桑卡车也是因为他们公司与Leang Seng Motors所建立起来的良好关系,以及扶桑所提供的优良售后服务支援。

Jacky向Yustra Ice Cube表达谢意,谢谢他们一直以来的支持。他深信扶桑卡车将成为客户实现其长期业务目标和整体使命的重要推动力。“我们要祝贺Yustra Ice Cube购买了新车,我们为能成为Yustra Ice Cube的合作伙伴感到开心,也很自豪于他们对扶桑卡车的信心,认为扶桑卡车能够协助他们业务的增长。今天的交车仪式显示了客户对我们的重要性和我们对他们的挚诚感谢。我们非常珍惜这份信任,公司将继续承诺为客户提供最高品质、可靠及具有经济效益的卡车,以及全方位的扶桑支援。”

Leang Seng Motor董事Lee Soon Yong表示:“在FMCG行业,我们了解客户需要安全、耐用及在压力下仍然表现良好的车辆。客户追求安心,而我们将与合成卡车分销联手为Yustra Ice Cube提供最高的品质和售后服务。”扶桑授权代理立志为了彼此之间的信任,为客户提供最好的支援。

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