Forthcoming Launch of FUSO TF Canter Euro 5 Announced

FUSO TF Canter Euro 5
FUSO TF Canter Euro 5

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), Malaysia’s General Distributor of Daimler Trucks, announced the forthcoming launch of the FUSO TF Canter Euro 5 light duty truck in 2024.

Hap Seng Demonstrates Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

The launch is said to demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to ‘environmental responsibility and ‘operational excellence.

Derrick Sim, Chief Executive of HSTD, said: “In today’s climate of rising ESG (environmental, social, and governance) awareness, our FUSO TF Canter Euro 5 isn’t just compliant with emission laws; it embodies sustainability with its robust, excellent eco-friendly design. This next-generation truck champions cleaner emissions, unparalleled fuel efficiency and a higher payload. With it, the company assures its customers that with every journey they embark upon, they drive a little greener. The future beckons and HSTD is excited to present this model soon.”

The FUSO Canter legacy spans above six decades, being the backbone for countless businesses worldwide. Introduced in 1963 and inspired by the elegance and power of a horse’s stride, Canter was designed for resilience. And it has lived up to every expectation, with more than 4.5 million units empowering businesses, from swift last-mile deliveries to the challenging terrain of cold chain operations….

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扶桑TF Canter欧5即将推出

德国戴姆勒卡车马来西亚总经销商合成卡车分销私人有限公司(Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd , 简称HSTD)宣布将于2024 年推出扶桑(FUSO) TF Canter欧5 轻型卡车。据悉,此次发布的不仅仅只是一款产品,更象征着该公司对环境责任和卓越运营的持续承诺。

HSTD 首席执行员 Derrick Sim 表示:“在当今 ESG(环境、社会和治理)意识不断提高的环境下,我们的扶桑TF Canter 欧5不仅符合排放法规,其强大、卓越的性能,以及出色的环保设计体现了可持续。这款下一代卡车具有更清洁的排放、无与伦比的燃油效率和更高的载重能力。通过它,公司向客户保证,他们的每一次旅程都会变得更加环保。HSTD非常高兴很快就能推出这个面向未来的车型。”

扶桑Canter的传承已跨足六十余年,成为全球无数企业的支柱。Canter诞生于1963 年,其灵感源自马匹迈步的优雅与力量,并专门为适应艰难挑战而设计。它不负众望—从快速的最后一英里交付到充满挑战的冷链运营,累计生产超过450万台,成为企业的坚强后盾……..


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