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Fastlane Emergency Resources Group Delivers Peace of Mind

Fastlane Emergency Resources Group

Today’s commercial fleet operators are constantly striving to reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity. Tracking vehicles with the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a common practice among the respective businesses that have automotive assets as it is recognised as the easiest solution for a safer and more profitable fleet.

Malaysia’s First of its Kind SOS Programme for Commercial Vehicles

The multiple benefits gained from this technology is the faster and more efficient transportation processes, greater security of cargo transport, better time management and driver behaviour monitoring that help the trucking companies optimise their productivity, fleet management system and customer service. As a result, to make their business highly reliable in the transport industry, many trucking companies have taken great steps in deploying the technology in their businesses.

“This is not enough! A GPS tracking system without emergency response for calling police and towing or ambulance services is not a total solution. This is because your driver or attendant should have fast access to assistance in an emergency on the road to avoid further loss or damage,” said Dato’ Jack Tan, the founder of Fastlane Emergency Resources Group Sdn Bhd (FERG).

FERG has been providing emergency services to motorists since 1998. According to Tan, the company had successfully attended to 80,000 cases. In 2012, the Group embarked on a new chapter to expand the emergency services to crime victims. After 2 years, Tan decided to provide total risk management solutions to the business community in response to the request for more effective safety and security services. 

Having served the corporate world earlier, Tan decided to go into business 15 years ago. As a professional risk management consultant and a UK Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma holder, Tan would like to share his expertise with the industry. His previous experience in assisting Proton and Perodua to set up their respective auto assist programme to provide assistance to their car owners enabled him to design and develop a programme that could provide total support and assistance to the trucking industry during emergencies.

With FERG’s SOS Programme, Tan stressed, the commercial fleet operators would have total peace of mind as they knew they would be in good hands. Tan said the company had a call centre that provided 24/7 monitoring and response services for all emergencies, including crime, accidents, breakdowns and injuries.

“To benefit from our SOS Programme, one has to pay an annual membership fee. The scope of services that the SOS Programme covers includes crime, vehicle breakdowns and minor roadside repairs, and towing for vehicle breakdowns and accidents. For example, in the event of crime, if the driver and/or attendant become a victim, FERG would assist them by calling for response from the nearest police station and notifying the member or his representative of the incident. The company would also arrange for ambulance services where such services are available. The driver and/or attendant are entitled to a reimbursement of the medical expenses of up to RM100 incurred at a clinic or hospital for outpatient treatment. Members could claim this payment by providing FERG a medical receipt issued by the doctor and a report that is lodged with the police.”

The company’s crime services cover the Federal Territory including Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Selangor, Penang Island and mainland, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Seremban and Kuantan.

Tan continued that FERG was responsible in attending to vehicle breakdowns, minor roadside repairs and towing services, but all the costs involved would be borne by the member directly with the service providers. As for accident towing, he said the company would arrange the service with the workshop that was specified by the member and all the towing cost would be borne by the member.

Tailor-made SOS Programmes Available

“We could also customise our programme and services to suit the individual needs and operations of the respective companies,” he added.

Apart from subscribing to the SOS programme, Tan pointed out that fleet companies could opt to outsource their call centre services to them. “We have a well-equipped call centre that is managed by local staff. With a fixed monthly fee, you would enjoy 24/7 call centre services and monitoring as well as response services for all emergencies. Wherever and whenever your fleet needs assistance, help is quick and only one call away. Partner with us for total peace of mind and have the full access to crime response, ambulances and breakdown, towing and accident repair services.”

Tan proudly revealed that the number of companies using the company’s services is increasing, including some big names. The Sendok Group was one of them, he said, and it had outsourced its call centre service to them.

To further expand its reach, FERG is looking to work closely with vehicle manufacturers and service providers of roadside assistance, GPS, fleet and tyre management. “It would be a win-win cooperation as we could complement each other in services; they could offer their fleet customers an added value proposition.”

To improve public safety and security, FERG is actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives such as volunteering to provide safety and security to several schools and supporting the Community Policing Malaysia and Rukun Tetangga to fight crime. The devotion to such voluntary work has not only earned the Group a good reputation but also enriched its experience in risk management.

Fastlane 应急资源集团大马首创商用车SOS计划




“但这并不足够!没有应急对应如呼叫警察、拖车及救护车服务功能的GPS系统就不是一个完整的解决方案!因为司机或服务人员必须能够在紧急的情况中,快速地取得协助,避免进一步的损失和伤害。”Fastlane 应急资源集团(FERG)拿督Jack Tan表示 。

FERG自1998年以来就为驾驶人提供应急对应服务。据他表示,该公司成功处理了80,000 个个案。2012年,该公司开启了一个新篇章,将其应急服务扩展至犯罪受害人。两年后,他决定为商界提供全面风险管理解决方案 ,以回应业界对更有效的安全和保安服务需求。


他强调,有了该公司的SOS计划,商用车运营者就能高枕无忧,因为他们将获得妥善的照顾。他说,该公司拥有一个24/7 呼叫中心,能够监控所有紧急状况如犯罪事件、交通事故、故障及受伤等,提供所需要的对应服务。






他指出,除了成为SOS计划的会员外,车队公司也可将他们的呼叫中心外包给我们。“我们有一个设备完善,由本地员工管理的呼叫中心。只要每月支付一个固定的费用,就能享用我们的24/7 呼叫中心服务和监控,以及应急对应服务。不论您的车队在何时何地需要协助,只要一通电话就能快速取得救援。与我们合作,您就能高枕无忧,取得犯罪对应、救护车、故障、拖车及交通事故修理服务。”


为了更进一步扩大覆盖面,FERG希望能够与汽车制造商和路边救援、GPS 、车队及轮胎管理服务供应商密切合作。“我们深信这是个双赢的合作,因为我们能够在服务方面相互配合与补充,这样一来他们就能为他们的车队客户提供一个增加的价值主张。”

FERG积极参与企业社会责任(CSR) 倡议如志愿为学校提供安全与保安服务,支持马来西亚社区警务和睦邻计划,打击犯罪,改善公共安全与保安。献身于这些志愿性服务不仅为该集团赢得良好声誉,也丰富了它在风险管理的经验。

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