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Exclusive Interview with Muhammad Arya Subrata, Commercial Director- B2B, Michelin Malaysia

Muhammad Arya Subrata Michelin Malaysia

Truck & Bus News sat down with Michelin Commercial Director -B2B of Michelin Malaysia to find out more about the company’s business strategy. 

Michelin Shares About its Sustainable Development Strategy

In this special interview with the Commercial Director -B2B of Michelin Malaysia, Muhammad Arya Subrata gives our readers an update on the company’s business and products, Michelin’s sustainable development strategy, as well as prospect and challenges.

How strong is the truck tyre market in Malaysia ? What advantages do you have compared to the others? Finally, what is your position within the market?

The Malaysian market is a challenging and competitive one with many strong competitors.

However, we have a very clear distinctive position: Michelin is the leader in innovation for a better life in motion – as our ongoing Michelin Brand campaign highlights. This encompasses the truck tyre business, but also for everything in motion, from bicycles to cars, to planes, or even giant mining dump trucks.

Let’s focus firstly on innovation. Michelin invented the radial tyre that revolutionised the Industry. Since then, we have been consistently innovating, and each innovation that we bring to the market aims to serve our customers holistically – bringing them better mobility solutions. Better mobility also means sustainability, ensuring a balance exists between our business and our responsibility to people and the planet…..

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马来西亚米其林B2B商务部董事莫哈末阿亚苏布拉塔( Muhammad Arya Subrata)在这次的访谈中,为我们的读者提供了有关米其林的业务和产品、可持续发展战略,前景及挑战的最新信息。






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