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Ev Dynamics Delivers Over 70 Electric Minibuses to the Philippines

Ev Dynamics Electric Minibuses Philippines

Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited delivered over 70 units of 6.5-meter Comet electric minibuses to the Philippines.

Ev Dynamics Provides 6.5-meter Comet Electric Minibuses

The delivery is part of the long-term supply agreement signed in March 2021 between the company and Get Worldwide Inc. (“GET Worldwide”), following the first batch of Comet electric minibuses supplied to Metro Manila and Davao, the Philippines in December 2020. Under the supply agreement, the company will provide Get Worldwide no fewer than 500 vehicle units within 24 months from the effective date of the agreement. The electric vehicles will be mainly used in the Philippines and Malaysia.

For the European market, the company’s 12-meter E-Bus model has passed the homologation tests of the Economic Commission of Europe. Leveraging the business network and experience of strategic partner Quantron AG, the group believes the high-performing and environmentally friendly bus will be welcomed in the European market as a solution to replace diesel buses currently in use. In addition, the group has secured a sizable order for 12-meter e-platforms and 12-meter city buses from Latin America.

The Comet is the outcome of 3 years of hard development from their R&D team. The task was to create a vehicle with a very low cost and top technology. It has a complete powertrain developed by the company and most important the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) or the brain that operates the complete bus.

“Our production plant in Chongqing, which boasts sufficient capacity and advanced technologies, has been operating at full steam to meet the increasing volume of overseas orders. Though our production schedule and fulfilment of orders have been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, our output has been picking up steadily thanks to the reliable supply chains in the PRC. We are confident that we can complete the sales orders from the Philippines and other orders for e-platforms and e-buses elsewhere overseas. The future is very promising for our company,” said Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of Ev Dynamics.

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