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Dongfeng Trucks China Sends Technical Experts to Malaysia

Dongfeng Trucks China Malaysia

Dongfeng Truck China showed its commitment to Malaysia by sending a team of technical experts.

Dongfeng Truck China to Improve Truck Specification and Design for Malaysian Market

Dongfeng Trucks China (DFCV) dispatched a team of technical experts in September 2018 to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles (M) Sdn Bhd (DFM) to conduct a joint survey to meet the growing demands and expectations in the Malaysian market; now and the future.

The team comprised Chen Yuanyuan (Chief Engineer), Wu Yonggang (Technical Director), Wang Kai (Product Planning Manager), Suyi (Electrical System Engineer), Li Handong (Engineer) and Shen Zelin (Engineer) from the Engineering, Technical, Technology Centre, Programming and Policy Department of DFCV.

Wu said his technical team would like to understand the Malaysian market and move ahead of competitors by improving the specifications and designs to best suit the owners’ and/or their users’ requirement.

Lim Khoon Yee, Managing Director of DFM, said: “We are very pleased with the commitment and support of our principal in ensuring that all the Dongfeng trucks are of the models and specifications best suited for the local environment and market needs. By sending a high powered technical team to Malaysia, it shows DFCV’s confidence in expanding its overseas market in this region.”



该团队包括中国东风卡车工程、技术、科技中心、程式及政策部的Chen Yuanyuan(首席工程师)、Wu Yonggang(技术总监)、Wong Kai(产品规划经理)、Suyi(电力系统工程师)、Li Handong(工程师)及Shen Zelin(工程师)。

Wu Yonggang说,他的技术团队想要了解马来西亚市场,以便在轮胎规格和设计上超越竞争者,发展出更适合马来西亚车主和用户需求的产品。

马来西亚东风商用车董事经理林君易表示:“我们非常开心中国东风对我们的承诺与支持,他们总是确保所提供给我们的卡车车型是最适合本地环境和市场需求的 。中国东风派遣一支高效率的技术团队到马来西亚的举措,显示了他们对拓展这个区域里的海外市场充满信心。”

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