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Dongfeng Trucks Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Malaysia

Dongfeng Trucks 10th Anniversary

Dongfeng Trucks has built its brand name in Malaysia with more than 700 units on the road.

Dongfeng Celebrates 10 Years of Success in Malaysia

This year 2019 marks the 10th year of Dongfeng Trucks’ operation in Malaysia following the launch of the first model, Bison 260, on 31st March, 2009 under the company named Quasar Industrial Vehicles Sdn Bhd. In June 2010, the company launched the new Kinland Prime Mover 420 6×4.

Since the company was the sole distributor of Dongfeng Trucks, the name was later changed to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (DFCVM) in January 2011. In October, the first assembled unit of the Kingrun 270 medium rigid truck arrived at its Batu Caves office.

Another Dongfeng’s flagship product – T-Lift 375 mixer truck – was brought to the Malaysian market in August 2012. This was followed by the unveiling of the first heavy duty rigid truck – T-Lift 375 6×4 – together with the Kinland 340 6×4 prime mover.

Over the 10 years of its contribution to the construction, logistics and transportation industry, Dongfeng Trucks has built its brand name in Malaysia with more than 700 units on the road.

“We are happy that we have come to our 10th year and are grateful to our fleet of loyal customers, principal, shareholders, employees and business associates for their support and commitment all these years,” said Lim Khoon Yee, Managing Director of DFCVM.

DFCVM was awarded the Outstanding Distributor Award by DFCV in December 2017, which reflected the important progress the company has made and its commitment to grow the Dongfeng brand in the Malaysian trucking industry.

Harvey Wang, the representative from DFCV China, congratulated DFCVM and expressed gratitude for the loyalty and commitment shown by the sole importer and distributor of Dongfeng Trucks. “We thank DFCVM for the sales and marketing efforts and in creating the Dongfeng Truck brand name over the past 10 years.

“To cherish the co-operation and close relationship develop over the last 10 years, DFCV China would undertake to further enhance the co-operation with plans to introduce a wider range of updated models for customers over the next 3 years,” added Harvey.

Incidentally this year, Volvo Trucks, a strategic partner of Dongfeng Trucks, China also celebrated its 50th year Anniversary in Malaysia. AB Volvo Trucks and Dongfeng Motor Group announced a strategic alliance in March 2013, with the legal company named Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV).


东风卡车在今年,也就是2019年迎来他们在马来西亚营运的10周年纪念。当时称为Quasar Industrial Vehicles私人有限公司的大马东风卡车,在2009年3月31推出第一个车款—Bison 260。2010年,该公司发布天龙牵引车420 6X4。

由于该公司是东风卡车的独家经销商,后来就在2011年1月将名字改为东风商用车(马来西亚)私人有限公司(DFCVM)。同年10月,第一辆组装好的天锦中卡270 抵达该公司位于黑风洞的办事处。

东风的另一个旗舰产品—-T-Lift 375 搅拌车在2012年8月被引进马来西亚。接下来,该公司还先后推出了整体式重卡 T- Lift 375 6X4和天龙340 6X4 牵引车。


“我们很开心地迎来我们的十周年,也非常感谢我们忠诚的车队客户、供应商、股东、员工及商业联盟这些年来对我们的支持和承诺。 ”东风商用车马来西亚私人有限公司董事经理林君玉表示。

中国东风商用车(DFCV)代表Harvey Wang祝贺大马东风商用车公司,并向该独家东风卡车进口和经销商的忠诚和承诺致谢。“我们谢谢大马东风商用车在销售和行销方面所付出的努力,在过去10年里成功建立起东风卡车品牌的知名度。”



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