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Donaldson Shares on How to Safeguard Diesel Fuel and Avoid Costly Injector Failure

Donaldson answers some common questions on ensuring adequate fuel filtration and system protection. 

Donaldson Helps Solve Complex Filtration and Contamination Control Challenges 

As one of the largest global providers of unique filtration technologies and high-quality filters and parts, the Donaldson Company helps solve some of the world’s most complex filtration and contamination control challenges.

According to the company, fuel filtration is an integral part of the complete fuel system. Modern engines are increasingly requiring better fuel filtration technology to ensure delivery of the cleanest fuel to the engine’s fuel system, as contaminated fuel can lead to vehicle downtime and costly repairs to the engine through expensive fuel system components. 

In this issue of Truck & Bus News, Donaldson answers some common questions on ensuring adequate fuel filtration and system protection. 

Q: Where should I install additional filtration?

A: We recommend that additional filtration should be considered as the primary filter and installed before the factory filter, which should be retained as originally fitted. It can be fitted in any location that offers easy access to view the water collection bowl and to change the filter. Most modern vehicles employ a return loop fuel system, where fuel is delivered to the factory fitted filter. The engine draws what it requires, and the rest returns to the tank. By installing additional filtration before the factory filter, all the fuel in the tank is being continually filtered. Leaving the fuel system from the factory filter to the engine unaltered minimising any effect on sensitive engine management systems. This also ensures that the fuel reaching the factory fitted filter is as clean as the vehicle manufacturer specifies…. 

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