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Daihatsu Malaysia Showcases Versatility & Practicality of Gran Max Panel Van

Daihatsu Malaysia Gran Max Panel Van

Daihatsu Malaysia brought a diverse line of vehicle variants including the recently launched Gran Max Auto Transmission (AT) Panel Van.

Daihatsu Malaysia Participates in KLIMS 2018

Daihatsu Malaysia took part in the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) that was held at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) from 23rd November to 2nd December, 2018. The company brought a diverse line of vehicle variants including the recently launched Gran Max Auto Transmission (AT) Panel Van.

Claimed as the first of its kind in its class, the Gran Max AT Panel Van is powered by a 1.5L DOHC DVVT engine. To show its versatility and practicality for day-to-day business on wheels, such as mobile boutique van or mobile café, several samples were on display.

To further project its versatility, Daihatsu Malaysia collaborated with MUMU Scarves, a local Hijab brand, on the mobile boutique van. This van was also given cosmetic enhancements with the installation of selected body kits such as daytime running lights, bull bar, body side moulding, side mirror cover, sun visor, scuff plate and 15-inch sport rims. The mobile café, on the other hand, was custom built to resemble a Big Apple Donuts & Coffee food truck.

Attractive rebates, free 1 year (or 20,000km) service maintenance package, free cargo body worth RM2,000 and free petrol card worth RM2,000 for selected variants (while stocks last), were offered by the company in conjunction with KLIMS 2018.

Also on display was the conceptualised hydraulic tipper that was seen as perfect for transporting materials such as sand, stones and gravel grains.

Dr Iqbal Shaharom, President and Chief Executive Officer of MBM Resources and Managing Director of Daihatsu Malaysia, said: “The use of commercial vehicles has transformed over the years. Gone are the days where it was just in getting from Point A to Point B but these vehicles today are used for mobile vending, delivery and servicing to meet the needs of the current market trend in Malaysia.

Daihatsu Malaysia’s concept for this KLIMS was ‘Refine Modification’ and visitors got to see for themselves the transformation of the Gran Max to reflect its durability, versatility, practicality and reliability,” he added.

大马大发展示多用途和实用的Gran Max 厢式客货车

马来西亚大发(Daihatsu Malaysia)参加从2018年11月23日起至12月2日于马来西亚国际贸易展览中心(MITEC) 隆重举行的吉隆坡国际汽车展(KLIMS)。大发在该展会中展示了一系列令人惊艳的多元化车型,包括最近推出的Gran Max 自排档厢式客货车。

Gran Max 自排档被该公司宣称为马来西亚同级车中首款搭载1.5L DOHC DWT引擎的厢式客货车。为了显示它作为日常移动业务的多功能性和实用性,大发展示了该款车型的多样性,比如当作移动精品客货车或移动咖啡店等来使用。

此外,大发还与本地亚著名的Hijab品牌 –MUMU Scarves合作 ,透过移动精品客货车,进一步展示其多功能性。该客货车还经过外观的美化如安装精选的车身套件,如日间行车灯、汽车保险杆(Bull Bar)、车边饰板、侧镜盖、遮阳板、防擦板和一套15寸运动轮辋。另一方面,定制的移动咖啡店如Big Apple Donuts & Coffee食品车。



MBM资源首席直销员兼马来西亚大发董事经理依克巴尔博士(Dr Iqbal Shaharom)表示:“过去这些年来,商用车的使用已经有所改变。它不再只是如过去一样从A 点到达B 点而已,而是被用于移动自动售卖机、送货及维修服务,以迎合马来西亚目前市场的需求趋势。”

马来西亚大发今年在KLIMS 的主题为“Refine Modification”,而访客将能亲眼看到Gran Max 的改变,以反映其耐用性、多用途、实用性及可靠性。“他补充。

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