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CPC Group Offers High Quality, Durable Trailer Axles and Suspensions

CPC Group Trailer Axles Suspensions

CPC Marketing Sdn Bhd, which supplies trailer parts has developed a sterling reputation as a producer of parts and components carrying its own brand.

CPC Produces its Own Brand of Automotive Parts & Components

Over the last five years, CPC Marketing Sdn Bhd, which supplies trailer parts such as axles and pneumatic suspensions to body builders, has also developed a sterling reputation as a producer of parts and components carrying its own brand. The company supplies air suspension systems for trucks, buses and trailers as well as SUVs and railways, air springs and air suspension valve kits in addition to trailer components including axles, mechanical suspensions, landing legs, twist locks, kingpins, electrical components, shock absorbers and braking systems.

The CPC Group also has a well-established arm, namely CPC Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd, that focuses on the sale and service of truck wheels and tyres. CPC Tyre exclusively distributes and markets the CTM range of truck tyres in Malaysia.

CPC Trailer Axles

The CPC 14-tonne and 16-tonne trailer axles are produced using a hot forming process, heat treatment and precision machining.

“We work with leading trailer axle manufacturers. The axles are produced in Shandong, China. By doing our own manufacturing, we control the production quality and costs. The end one-piece product (without welding) is very strong and durable, as the manufacturing process is high-tech and precise,” said CPC Marketing General Manager Desmond Lim.

The unique one-piece, specially heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle-beam offers more stability, greater capacity and lighter weight compared with conventional axles. The integral “P” type swage straight spindle or tapered spindle with induction – hardened bearing journals – provides superior fatigue capability. The trailer axle spindle was also processed by a digitally controlled lathe machine.

Interested customers should also check out the “Q” GP brake kits with heavy duty brake return springs, high performance premium non-asbestos brake linings that extend service life, and new tight fit hub cap with additional “O” ring that provide optimum sealing performance.

Grease lubricant is supplied by Exxon Mobil.

CPC Mechanical Suspensions

Meanwhile, the CPC 14-tonne and 16-tonne mechanical suspensions come with hanger brackets (7.75mm to 8mm thickness) that were welded using automated robots for consistent quality.   The mechanical suspensions also come with 25mm variable height spring seats for trailer slope design, high quality leaf springs as well as a 60mm diameter equaliser pin with bronze bush.

CPC Over-Slung Air Suspension

As for the CPC over-slung air suspension, its necked-in hanger bracket gives improved hanger/chassis connection. The benefits of the necked-in hanger bracket include allowing welding to narrow chassis rails, chassis friendly connection, and ease of bracing connection. Its trailing arm uses SUP11 material grade that provides higher strength and stiffness, better corrosion resistance and weight savings.

Also, the suspension is fitted with a patented pivot eye tracking device as standard to allow fine adjustment after the axle/suspension unit has been fitted to the trailer frame. This allows realignment during servicing, which in turn improves handling and tyre wear. The suspension dampers have a heavy duty (double-acting) design, and the integral check strap is rated at 10 tonne per damper. As a result, there is less road damage and better control of the effect of wheel end shimming vibration, and this also prevents the over extension of air springs.

The air springs are high quality products from Turkey and feature composite/steel piston and variable stiffness. This results in reduced weight and better corrosion resistance, as well as a softer ride quality when the vehicle is not weighted with cargo, and conversely a firmer ride quality when the vehicle is fully loaded. Lim has been in the trailer parts industry since 1997, and joined CPC Marketing five years ago.

“Many years ago, I was with a trailer parts supplier based in Batu Caves. I was mainly involved in the design and supply of customised trailer parts. Nowadays, we try to introduce new technology into the market, which can help improve vehicle performance and efficiency,” he said.

CPC Marketing has a three-man technical team to provide after-sales support for trailer issues such as suspension and ABS brake installations.

“It is crucial that we have the professional experience and technical background, in order to support customers when they face issues. Our partners from China can also provide technical support in Malaysia, depending on project requirements,” said Lim.

Regarding the prices for CPC axles compared with conventional axles, Lim said they provide much better return on investments due to their high quality and durability.

“Of course, cost is always a concern for customers. But when the truck breaks down, customers incur loss of business and expensive repair costs. Our axles and suspension systems are of high quality, and can deliver better returns on cost,” he said.


过去的5年,CPC行销私人有限公司从为拖车组装厂供应拖车零部件如轮轴和空气悬挂系统,发展成为一个拥有良好声誉的零部件和组件制造商。该公司也销售自己的品牌。除了拖车组件包括轮轴、机械悬挂系统、支腿、扭锁、牵引销、电气元件、避震器、制动配件及防锁死制动系统外,也提供卡车、巴士及拖车,休旅车(SUV)及铁路空气悬挂系统及零部件 、气囊及空悬气阀。

CPC集团旗下有一个名为CPC轮胎(马)私人有限公司的著名臂膀, 专门销售卡车轮辋和轮胎。CPC轮胎是马来西亚CTM系列卡车轮胎的独家经销商。

CPC 拖车轴

CPC 14 吨和16吨拖车轮轴是采用热成型程工艺、热处理及精密加工制成。

“我们与领先的拖车轮轴制造商合作。这些轮轴由中国山东生产。我们自己制造,能够控制产品品质和成本。我们的无焊接一体成型轴体,因其高科技和精密的制造过程,坚固且耐用。 ”CPC行销总经理林建文表示。



油脂润滑脂来自Exxon Mobil。


与此同时,CPC14吨和16吨悬臂空气悬挂系统配有支架(厚度7.75mm至8mm),它们是采用自动机械人焊接而成,确保一致性的品质。该悬臂空气悬挂拥有为拖车坡度设计的25mm可变动高度弹簧座 、高品质板簧及具有青铜轴衬套,直径60mm的平衡梁轴。



此气囊是土耳其的高品质产品,特点是复合材料/钢制活塞,以及可变化的刚度。这可降低重量和具有更好的抗腐蚀性,在车辆没有负载时拥有更柔和的乘驾, 并在车辆负载时提供更稳定的乘驾。




“为了能够在客户面对难题时支援他们,拥有专业的经验和技术背景很关键。按项目需求,我们在中国的伙伴也能够在马来西亚提供技术支援。 ”他说。



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