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Chemtrax Receives Their First 3 Scania New Truck Generation

Chemtrax Scania Truck Generation

Chemtrax Sdn Bhd recently took delivery of the first three Scania New Truck Generation.

Chemtrax :Scania New Truck Generation is Ideal for Urban & Regional Operation

The keys to two units of the Scania New Truck Generation P410 A6X2NA and one unit of the P360 A4X2NA was handed over to Hairul Anuar, Senior Manager Business Development of Chemtrax, who is instrumental to the success of Chemtrax business.

Established in 1998 under the Sabaka Group Sdn Bhd, Chemtrax specialises in the transportation of hazardous materials involving chemicals and gas throughout Peninsular Malaysia, focusing mainly to the Klang Valley, and also specific materials used in nitrile gloves manufacturing in Malaysia and Singapore.

“This truck model is ideal for urban and regional operations and well-suited for our daily multiple loads into Singapore, and other demanding conditions,” said Hairul Anuar, Senior Manager Business Development of Chemtrax.

The Scania New Truck Generation is tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, securing uptime and boosting productivity with tougher interiors, tougher exteriors and more power.

It is also designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions as it is equipped with advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that gives 3 per cent fuel economy.

“The features of the New Truck Generation have improved greatly from the older generation making the truck more user-friendly with very comfortable adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard and most importantly the large windscreen with extended view giving clear visibility from the different angles for our drivers making it easier for them to operate in a comfortable and safe environment,” commented Hairul.

The Scania truck have proven to be the most fuel efficient among all the other brands in Chemtrax’s fleet and conforms to the safety standards demanded by its customers. And even though the Pandemic is still at large, Chemtrax niche market in transporting harzadous materials to glove manufacturers have enabled it to secure its business sustainability via long-term contracts with its present customers.

Chemtrax currently operate branch offices/depots and yards in Pasir Gudang and Simpang Rengam, Johor and Kuantan, Pahang and plans are underway to open another operational office in Banting, Selangor in the first quarter of 2022.

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