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Awesome Trucks Becomes Latest FUSO Dealer

Hap Seng Truck Distribution -New Fuso 3S
Hap Seng Truck Distribution -New Fuso 3S

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD) recently welcomed Awesome Trucks Enterprise to its FUSO dealership network in Malaysia.

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Addresses Crucial Gap Within FUSO Network

Derrick Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Hap Seng Trucks Distribution, expressed his excitement during the official opening ceremony of the new FUSO dealership. He stated: “HSTD is thrilled to inaugurate Awesome Trucks Enterprise right here in Rawang, a location that not only symbolises industry and opportunity but also aligns seamlessly with the economic and industrial dynamics of this thriving region. Hap Seng Trucks Distribution is embarking on a journey that promises not only to enhance its visibility but also to be a significant contributor to the growth of this vibrant community.”

He highlighted strategic positioning and emphasised that the region had evolved into a densely populated hub for small and medium industries, making it an optimal location for a dealership specialising in commercial vehicles. This, he noted, addressed a crucial gap within the FUSO network……

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Awesome Trucks成为最新扶桑代理商


合成卡车分销私人有限公司 (HSTD) 近日欢迎 Awesome Trucks 企业加入其在马来西亚的扶桑(FUSO)代理商网络。

合成卡车分销首席执行员Derrick Sim在此全新的扶桑代理服务中心的正式开业仪式上兴奋地表示:“合成卡车分销很高兴能够在万挠开设由Awesome Trucks企业负责运营的扶桑代理商服务中心,万这个地方不仅代表着工业和商机,而且与这个繁荣地区的经济和工业动态无缝结合。合成卡车分销公司此举不仅有望提高知名度,还可为这个充满活力的社区发展做出重要贡献。”




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