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Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Delivers Mercedes-Benz Actros Trucks to Sunmaju

Hap Seng -Sunmaju- Handover
Hap Seng -Sunmaju- Handover

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd delivered seven Mercedes-Benz Actros tanker trucks to Sunmaju Sdn Bhd in a ceremony held in October.

Mercedes-Benz Atros Fuels Sunmaju’s Business Expansion

The event symbolised Sunmaju’s ongoing dedication to augmenting its capacity and capabilities in fulfilling the company’s mission and commitments to clients.

Dato Ramli B. Jaafar, Chairman of Sunmaju, shared insights into the company’s evolution since its establishment 30 years ago, highlighting its forefront position in the industry. While Sunmaju‘s core business centres on managing petroleum products, particularly in diesel supply, it has diversified into providing transportation services.

He disclosed that Sunmaju currently had around 100 tanker trucks of varying loading capacities, with a dedicated depot in Sungai Buloh and a small workshop for minor servicing and maintenance.

“Earlier this year, Sunmaju secured its first transportation contract from BHPetrol. The latest ten tanker trucks with different loading capacities are part of the fleet dedicated to BHPetrol. Currently, the total number of trucks dedicated to BHPetrol is 24 with different loading capacity, ranging from 24,000 litres to 45.000 litres…..”

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合成卡车分销私人有限公司(Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd)在十月举行的交车仪式上将七辆奔驰Actros油罐车移交给Sunmaju 私人有限公司。此次活动象征着Sunmaju持续致力于增强其运输容量和能力,以履行公司的使命和对客户的承诺。

Sunmaju董事长拿督拉姆利嘉尔法(Dato Ramli B. Jaafar)简单地诉说了该公司成立30年来的发展历程,凸显了Sunmaju在行业中的前沿地位。



“今年初,Sunmaju 获得了第一份来自BHPetrol公司的运输合同。这些最新,具有不同装载能力的十辆油罐车是BHPetrol公司专用车队的一部分。目前,BHPetrol 专用卡车总数为24辆,装载量从24,000 升到45,000 升不等….”


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