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All Scania Malaysia Vehicles Could Run on B10 Diesel

Scania Malaysia B10 Diesel

No further adaptation is require for all Scania vehicles that sold by Scania Malaysia.

Scania is Ready for B10 Diesel

All Scania vehicles sold by Scania (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd could run on B10 diesel without further adaptation.

Normal warranty would apply when running on B10 diesel – which comprises 10 per cent biodiesel and 90 per cent regular diesel – and this means there would be no impact to existing customers with regard to warranty.

There are no changes to the operational procedures or frequency of vehicle servicing. Also, there would be no additional costs incurred as no additional equipment is required for vehicles sold by Scania (Malaysia) to run on B10.

Scania continues to be in the forefront of sustainable transport solutions. Our wide range of alternative fuels has been in operation around the world for some time already, including in Southeast Asia. Our customers continue to enjoy profitability while being environmentally-friendly in their operations through reduced CO2 emissions,” says Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström.



一般保修适用于采用B10生物柴油,也就是含有10 %生物棕油和90%石化柴油的燃油, 这意味着现有客户的车辆保固期不受影响。


“斯堪尼亚持续跑在可持续性运输解决方案的前沿。我们广泛的替代燃油料车辆产品,  在全球,包括东南亚已经运作好一段时间了。 我们的客户在持续享有利润的同时,还能透过降低二氧化碳排放,在营运中继续环保。”东南亚斯堪尼亚董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström)表示。

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