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Aeolus Overseas Annual Conference 2020

Aeolus Annual Conference 2020

The Aeolus Overseas Annual Conference 2020 was lively with interactive sessions and exciting activities that create powerful participation. 

Aeolus ‘Growth and Mix’ Conference focuses on Strategic Direction and Action Plans

Aeolus Overseas Annual Conference was held recently at the Genting International Convention Centre, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia from 14th to 15th January.

This year, the theme for the conference was ‘Growth and Mix’, which set the focus of the overall intent, strategic direction and action plans of the company. It was well attended by approximately 120 business partners from Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Wang Feng, Chairman and CEO of Aeolus Tyre, as well as his overseas sales and marketing team were present to share the company’s business growth, development, products, strategies and future plans.

Unlike traditional conferences that are lecture-driven in style, the Aeolus Overseas Annual Conference 2020 was lively with interactive sessions and exciting activities that create powerful participation.

In his talk entitled ‘Change Your Perspective’, Wang stressed the importance of changing perspectives to achieve the unachievable. “Changing your perspective helps you to think outside the box and overcome challenging situations. This would not be a lonely journey, rather an incredible adventure together that would bring us even closer together.”

Wang said he believes that great things have already happened, but the greatest is yet to come. He revealed that there’s more to come from Aeolus Tyres.

Aeolus Global Slogan: ‘Driving The World Together’

The company also took the opportunity to unveil its global slogan – ‘Driving the World Together’ that well described Aeolus Tyre’s direction and ambition. COO Fu Cuiqiang said, this new global slogan would not only upgrade Aeolus Tyre’s brand identity in the world, but also would become one of the company’s powerful marketing tools.

Meanwhile, to help the attendees to further grow their business, Global Sales Director Xu Xin gave a detailed presentation on commercial and marketing actions and plans. “We could foresee that there would be challenges that required us to change our role and the way we work. However, we assure you that my team and I will be supporting each one of you to see you through. It takes a dedicated and enthusiastic team to make a success and grow, and we are there for you. We have absolutely no doubt that we can achieve greater heights together.”

This was followed by a presentation of the company’s main research and development (R&D) projects, including new upcoming products by Chief Technology Director Li Zhao. He stressed that Aeolus Tyre is not just another good Chinese tyre manufacturer, but a recognised top international player in the market. The multi-tier and multi-brand offerings, together with the deployment of Pirelli’s modern and innovative production process, as well as R&D, have contributed to Aeolus Tyre’s successful penetration in the global marketplace.”

In his talk entitled ‘Winning Through High Quality’, Wang said, based on the company’s analysis on global tyre market competition, opportunities and challenges, Aeolus Tyre has positioned itself to become a leader in quality through five business plans – globalisation, technology, digitalisation, sustainability and inclusivity. The company, he pointed out, would continue to upgrade its products, technology and quality through transformation of organisation and business models; increase the competitive edge of their products, channels, brands and services, as well as the skills of their professional team.

Aeolus Tyre is not just another good Chinese tyre manufacturer, we are much more than this. We are an integrated tyre company with global reach, able to meet any needs of our clients. Becoming an influential international enterprise with a world-class brand is our aim,” he concluded.

Also forming part of the conference was the so-called ‘Lab & Brand Storm’, a successful brainstorming session led by an international expert in the field. This session helped the participants to generate creative ideas and strategies on how to face new market trends, risks, opportunities and challenges using out-of-the-box thinking techniques. It was indeed a fruitful session as many new ideas were explored and gathered during the activity.



今年主题为“Growth and Mix”的会议,将重点放在整体意图、战略方向及行动计划上。 有近120名来自欧洲、亚太、拉丁美洲、中东及非洲等国的业务伙伴参加了此次会议。风神轮胎总裁兼首席执行长黄锋率领公司海外营销团队出席会议。

本次的会议与传统以讲课导向的会议不同, 其新颖的设计,为与会者增添了互动机会,显得格外生动有趣。

黄锋在其“改变你的观点”(Change Your Perspective)的演讲中,强调改变观点,实现无法实现之事的重要性。 “改变你的观念,协助你跳出传统的思维框框,克服充满挑战性的状况。这不会是个孤单的旅途,而是我们共同展开,一个能够拉近彼此距离的不可思议冒险。”


风神的全球口号:“Driving The World Together”

该公司也借此机会公布其全球口号为Driving The World Together, 清楚描述风神的方向与野心。首席运营官Fu Cuiqiang说,这个新的全球口号不仅可提升风神轮胎在全世界的品牌识别度,也将成为该公司强而有力的行销工具。

与此同时,为了协助与会者业务的进一步增长,全球销售总监徐新呈现了一个详细的商业及行销行动计划。 “我们预期未来的一些挑战,需要我们改变角色和工作方式来应对。然而,我向你保证,我的团队和我将会支持在座的每一位,一起面对挑战。一个具有献身精神和充满热情的团队才能取得成功和增长,而我们会支持你们。我相信我们可以更上一层楼,这点是毋容置疑的。”


黄锋在“通过高质量取胜”(Wining Through High Quality)的主题演讲中表示,在对全球轮胎市场的竞争格局、面临的机遇和挑战进行分析后,风神轮胎已经将自己定位为质量的领导者,并将透过五大业务计划 :全球化、技术、数字化、可持续性及人文来实现这个目标。他指出,公司将继续提升产品、技术及品质,通过组织和商业模式的改变,提高他们产品、渠道、品牌及服务的竞争力,以及他们专业团队的技能。


“Lab & Brand Storm ”是本次会议值得一提的单元。这个由此领域中知名国际专家主持的脑力激荡单元,获得了与会者的热烈反应。该单元协助与会者采用跳脱传统思维框框的技巧,激发出他们应对市场新趋势、风险、商机及挑战的创新想法和策略。这个饶有果效的活动,让公司发掘和收集了许多创新的意见和对策。

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