YonMing Introduces Capelec Smoke Meter and Unimetal Brake Tester Equipment

YonMing Group
YonMing Group

YonMing Group recently brought in the Capelec Stand-alone smoke meter CAP3201 and   Unimetal Uniline Quantum 5000 for the garages and vehicle inspection centres.

YonMing Introduces Vehicle Inspection Equipment

The CAP3201 stand-alone opacimeter, YonMing pointed out, was designed to measure and control smoke emission levels from diesel combustion engines in cars, trucks, buses, camper vans and off-road vehicles.

“Suitable for workshops and roadworthiness centres for cars and trucks, it is robust, compact and autonomous. Featuring an LCD screen, mobile trolley and RPM inductive and piezo sensor, the stand-alone opacimeter comes with a dual mode – multi-gas analysis and roadworthiness testing – that allows pre-inspection testing or multi-gas analysis diagnostics. An upgrade is possible with the Capelec gas analyser module to obtain a combined petrol and diesel emission analyser. The collected data could be fed through the built-in thermal printer…..”

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洋珉集团近期为修车厂和车辆检测中心引进了 Capelec独立烟度计CAP3201和 Unimetal Uniline Quantum 5000。




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