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XCMG Hanvan Prime Mover with High Quality and Practicality


The XCMG Hanvan G7 heavy duty truck was introduced as the most high-end, advanced and most sophisticated technology truck from China.

XCMG Hanvan Prime Mover Gains High Reputation in Malaysian Market

Hong Seng Group (HSG) is proud to be the sole distributor of XCMG Hanvan Prime Mover, China. Since its introduction, the prime mover had gained a very high reputation in the Malaysia market.

HSG Managing Director Dato Teoh Hai Hin said earlier China trucks were not readily accepted and many were not confident with them. However, after many years of improvement and upgrades, China trucks were fully accepted today in the truck industry.

The XCMG Hanvan G7 heavy duty truck was introduced as the most high-end, advanced and most sophisticated technology truck from China. It received a good response from the industry and there were no negative news.

XCMG Hanvan G7 Prime Mover is said to comply with international safety and Euro emission standards. It consists of 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 configurations. The chassis thickness is 8+8mm. There are several specification options available. For instance, WP 10.375 and WP 12.375 in-line 6-cylinder engine; the maximum power is 375 horsepower and maximum torque is 1460Nm at 1400-1600rpm.

The latter is matched with the WP 12.430N in-line 6-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 430hp and maximum torque of 2060Nm at 1000-1400rpm; Sleeper cab and Day cab; FAST transmissions with 12 and 16 Speeds, the ZF transmission comes with 16 Speeds, AMT transmission, Retarder; ABS; final gear ratios of 3.866:1 and 4.266:1; 13 and 16 tonnes rear axle; Air suspension axle, the 6×2 comes with a hydraulic lifting axle. According to Dato Teoh, the prime mover had gained accolades with its design, technical development, engine performance (low fuel consumption) and safety features.

He continued: “The XCMG Hanvan prime mover is a high-end model that provides safe, comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly driving. Its active safety features include daytime running lights that enhance driving safety in rainy weather. There is also an automatic adjustment system (ALS) that improves safety.”

To ensure driving safety, the XCMG Hanvan prime mover’s cockpit is designed as a ‘safety cage’ that could be automatically separated. When a collision occurs, the cockpit would be separated from the frame. This could reduce the impact of the cabin and greatly improve the safety of the driver. With these features, the Hanvan G7 Prime Mover is said to be on par with the European and Japanese truck standard.

As Malaysian truck users are increasingly demanding a higher level of truck configuration, more users are showing interest in the AMT (automatic transmission). Some of the XCMG Hanvan prime movers introduced here are equipped with this technology. This makes the driving performance easier, prolongs the clutch plate and engine lifespan, and in return, achieves lower fuel consumption. Buyers who purchase the XCMG Hanvan prime mover enjoy a 2-year unlimited mileage factory warranty.

As a Malaysian leader in its category, the HSG continues to improve the quality of its 3S service centre. Dato Teoh said that in addition to opening a 3S service and training centre, more employees and technicians would be hired and trained to provide better customer service. “Currently, we have 17 3S centres and appointed 30 authorised service centres as well as 20 mobile workshop trucks providing 24-7 service.” He also pointed out that the HSG currently had six spare-parts warehouses in Penang, Klang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


XCMG Hanvan牵引车 高端品质与实用性兼具


丰成集团(Hong Seng Group)很荣幸成为中国徐工(XCMG) Hanvan牵引车的独家经销商。自此开始,有关牵引车在马来西亚市场赢得良好的声誉。


XCMG Hanvan G7牵引车车采用了中国最高端、最高级且最先进卡车技术。 它得到了业界的好评,并没有任何负面消息。

XCMG Hanvan G7牵引车符合国际安全和欧洲排放标准。 XCMG Hanvan牵引车备有4×2、6×2、6×4配置供选择。车架厚度为 8 + 8mm,共有几种规格选项。例如,WP 10.375和WP 12.375的直列6缸引擎。WP 10.375的最大功率为375马力,最大扭矩可于1400-1600rpm提供1460Nm。WP 12.430N直列6缸引擎的最大功率为430马力,最大扭矩可于1000-1400rpm提供2060Nm。牵引车的特点还有:卧铺驾驶室和日间驾驶室、由FAST提供的变速箱配有12和16速、ZF变速箱则配有16速、AMT(自动变速器)、减速器、ABS制动系统、最终齿轮比3.866:1和4.266、 13和16吨后桥、空气悬架轴和6×2配有液压提升轴。根据拿督张海兴的说法,该牵引车因其设计、技术开发、引擎性能(低油耗)和安全功能而获得赞誉。

他继续说道:“XCMG Hanvan牵引车是一款高端车型,可提供安全、舒适、经济、环保的驾驶体验。 其主动安全功能包括日间行车灯,可在雨天提升驾驶安全性。 还有一个可以提高安全性的自动调节系统(ALS)。”

为确保驾驶安全,XCMG Hanvan牵引车的驾驶舱具有可自动分离“安全笼”的设计。当发生碰撞意外时,驾驶舱将与车架分离。 这可以减少驾驶舱的冲击力并大大提高驾驶员的安全性。 凭借上述所有功能,Hanvan G7牵引车可以与欧洲和日本的卡车标准相媲美。

随着马来西亚卡车用户对卡车配置的要求和水平越来越高,以及用户对AMT(自动变速器)表现出兴趣。 所有XCMG Hanvan牵引车都在这里推出并配备了这项技术。 这将使驾驶性能更加轻松,延长离合器片和引擎的使用寿命,同时还可以降低油耗。 购买XCMG Hanvan牵引车的买家亦可享有2年无限里程的厂家保修。

作为该类别中的马来西亚领导者,丰成集团继续提高其3S服务中心的质量。 拿督张海兴表示,除了开设更多3S服务中新和培训中心外,接下来还将雇用更多的员工和技术人员,并为他们提供培训课程,以提供更好的客户服务。 目前,我们拥有17个3S中心以及30个授权服务中心,另外还有20个流动服务卡车,提供24小时全天候服务。 他还指出,丰成集团目前在槟城、巴生、柔佛新山、关丹、古晋和哥打京那巴鲁有6个备件仓库。





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