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Westlake and Pneuhage Present WTR2 and WTX2 Tyre at IAA Transportation

During the IAA TransportationPneuhage Management GmBH & Co. KG and Westlake were promoting the WTR2 and WTX2 tyres for the first time. 

Westlake WTR2 and WTX2 Tyre Make Debut at IAA Transportation 

In terms of Chinese Tyre manufacturers, the IAA Transportation was quite sparse besides Westlake, owned by the ZC Rubber GroupWestlake and ZC Rubber, which nowadays can be found inside the top 10 in the world market for tyre brands, were exhibiting with their exclusive distributor for the German market, Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG.

Pneuhage Management GmBH & Co. KG specialise in various sectors within the tyre business but are particular strong when it comes to the truck business with over 200 workshops across Germany. As of today, the German operation is the biggest independent tyre dealer in the country and has been working with Westlake since 2012.

During the IAA TransportationPneuhage Management GmBH & Co. KG and Westlake were promoting the WTR2 and WTX2 tyres for the first time. The new WTR2 has been designed for short to middle distance journeys that encounter frequent braking, accelerating and turning, as well as being optimised for driving on well paved roads with lots of corners during unexpected tough conditions….

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今年参与IAA运输展的中国轮胎制造商,除了中策橡胶集团旗下的威狮外,可谓相当稀少。威狮和中策橡胶目前已跻身世界轮胎市场前10名,它们与德国市场的独家经销商 Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG 一起参展。

Pneuhage Management GmBH & Co. KG 专注于轮胎业务的各个领域,但在卡车业务方面尤为强大,在德国拥有 200 多个修车厂。截至今天,这家德国分公司是该国最大的独立轮胎经销商,自 2012年以来一直与威狮合作。

Pneuhage Management GmBH & Co. KG Westlake IAA 运输展首次推广WTR2 WTX2 轮胎。新款WTR2专为频繁制动、加速和转弯的中短途运跑而设计,并优化了该轮胎在意想不到的恶劣条件下,有很多弯道铺砌的良好道路上的行驶能力…..


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