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Volvo Trucks Malaysia Delivers 28 Trucks to Konsortium PD

The addition of 28 new trucks from the handover would see Konsortium PD boasts a total of 43 Volvo trucks in its fleet.

Konsortium PD Adds New Volvo Trucks to its Fleet

Volvo Trucks Malaysia handed over new Volvo trucks to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd in an official ceremony held at its headquarters in Lukut, Port Dickson. The handover saw 17 units delivered to Konsortium PD, with an additional 11 set for delivery in 2019. The senior leadership team of Konsortium PD and Volvo Trucks attended the ceremony. Of the 17 trucks handed over, two were Volvo FH440, 7 were Volvo FM370 and eight were Volvo FM440. The remaining 11 would be 5 Volvo FM370 and 6 Volvo FM440

Konsortium PD is a road transportation logistics company established in 2001 as a merging of several companies and their fleets to form one consortium. The business primarily operates in Port Dickson, Westport, Puchong/KVDT, Kapar, Kempas/Johore and HICOM/Shah Alam with Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as its main customer. Konsortium PD is seen as one of the best haulage companies in the region based on its safety and operational excellence with acknowledgement coming from many industry players. 

Richard Tee Chu Wong, Managing Director of Konsortium PD, said: “The addition of 28 new Volvo trucks is a testament to our commitment to provide even better services to our customers and help them achieve their business goals efficiently. Having also signed the Volvo Service Agreement, we now have the ease of mind when it comes to the maintenance of our Volvo trucks. I am confident that our choice of including these additional trucks to our fleet would allow us to go further in the oil and gas transportation industry.” 

Konsortium PD currently owns and operates 15 Volvo trucks. The addition of 28 new trucks from the handover would see the company boast a total of 43 Volvo trucks in its fleet to service clients in several locations across Malaysia. 

The decision to purchase the trucks was based on the healthy relationship built between the two companies over the years as well as the acknowledgement of the quality of aftermarket services offered by Volvo Trucks. Konsortium PD also hopes to learn more about handling and maintaining its Volvo trucks through this handover. 

“We at Volvo Trucks strive to provide the best offerings, both in our trucks and services, to all our customers,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia. “Especially with Konsortium PD’s clientele in the oil and gas industry, safety and quality are the two most important aspects to look at when looking for a transportation partner. It is an honour to be the top choice with the addition of 28 brand new Volvo Trucks to its fleet. We would continue to offer our best-in-class services to ensure the highest performance and return on investment for our business partners.” 

With a good record in performance, Konsortium PD has further grown its business by diversifying to industrial gases, other oleo-chemical products as well as retail petrol stations. In the future, the company hopes to expand into the warehousing business.



28辆卡车交付Konsortium PD


大马富豪卡车在Konsortium PD 私人有限公司位于波德申芦骨(Lukut) 的总部,将新富豪卡车移交给该公司。此次富豪交付了17 部卡车给Konsortium PD, 其余的11辆将于2019年交付。两家公司的管理层出席了此次的交车仪式。在该交付的车辆中,包含两辆富豪FH4407 辆富豪FM370 8辆富豪FM440 。剩下的11辆则是5輛富豪FM370 6 辆富豪FM440  

Konsortium PD 成立于2001年,是家陆路运输物流公司,由好几家公司和他们的车队合并而成联营企业。该公司的主要客户为蜆壳马来西亚贸易私人有限公司,覆盖的地点包括波德申、西港、蒲种/KVDTKempas/柔佛及HICOM/沙亚南。Konsortium PD 凭借着其安全和卓越运营,获得了许多业者的认可并被视为这个区域中最佳的物流公司之一。 

Konsortium PD董事经理Richard Tee Chu Wong说:这些刚添加的28辆富豪卡车是我们为客户提供更好服务的承诺,协助他们更有效地实现他们的业务目标。我们也签署了富豪服务合约,这使我们无需担忧富豪卡车的养护。我深信我们为车队添购更多卡车的决定,可让我们在石油及天然气运输行业中有进一步的发展。 

该公司目前拥有15辆富豪卡车。新增加的28辆卡车将使该车队的富豪卡车总数达 43辆,为全马不同地点的客户服务。

购买这些卡车的决定来自两家公司这些年来建立起来的良好业务关系,还有富豪卡车所提供的优质售后服务。Konsortium PD也希望透过这次的移交仪式学习到更多如何处理和保养富豪卡车的知识。 

富豪卡车努力为客户提供最好的一切,无论是卡车或服务。特别是Konsortium PD在石油及天然气的客户,安全和品质是他们在寻找运输伙伴的两大重要因素。我们很荣幸能够成为他们的卡车车队的首选。我们将继续提供我们最好的服务,确保我们的业务伙伴取得最高的业绩表现和投资回酬。 

Konsortium PD以良好的业绩表现进一步向多元化业务发展,从工业气体、其他的油化学产品,以及零售加油站。未来,该公司希望能够扩展至仓储业务。




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