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Volvo Bus Thailand – a Strategic Move for Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses has established Volvo Bus (Thailand) Ltd to gain a direct presence in Thailand.

Volvo Bus Thailand Demonstrates Volvo’s Commitment to Thailand Market 

Last year, Volvo Buses has established a new legal entity in Thailand, Volvo Bus (Thailand) Ltd, to gain a more direct presence in Thailand and be available to sell buses directly to Thailand customers when the need arises.

“This strategic move is aligned with Volvo Group’s continuous improvement to provide customers with better product offerings, faster service solutions, closer communications and tighter business relations. All of these factors will, in turn, help build stronger confidence amongst our customers. Thailand is one of the core markets for Volvo Buses in Asia Pacific, and the set-up of Volvo Bus Thailand demonstrates Volvo’s commitment to our market,” said Dechchai Kulkarineetham, Managing Director of Volvo Buses Thailand.

The set-up of the new company in Thailand, he pointed out, marks a new chapter for Volvo Buses in Thailand.  “Volvo has a proud history and a well-established presence in the market, and we wish to continue for many years to come. Now, with Volvo Bus Thailand, our assistance can be expanded to our existing customers and newcomers. It is also part of the Volvo Group’s recent announcement to form a strategic alliance with Isuzu Motors. The strategic alliance between AB Volvo and Isuzu Motors includes Isuzu Motor´s acquisition of UD Trucks. The existing dealer network in the Thailand market will be managed by the UD Trucks Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. This network will continue to provide parts sales, maintenance and repairs for Volvo Buses in the Thailand market…. ”

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沃尔沃巴士泰国公司董事经理德才(Dechchai Kulkariineetham)表示:这一战略举措与沃尔沃集团持续改进的目标一致,旨在为客户提供更好的产品、更快的服务解决方案、更紧密的沟通和业务关系。这所有的因素将有助于在我们的客户中建立起更强的信心。泰国是沃尔沃巴士在亚太地区的核心市场之一,沃尔巴士泰国公司的成立表明了沃尔沃对我们这个市场的承诺。” 

他指出,泰国新公司的成立标志着沃尔沃巴士在泰国的新篇章。 “沃尔沃拥有引以为豪的历史,在市场上占有一席之地,我们希望它能够在未来的许多年里继续保持下来。如今通过泰国沃尔沃巴士,我们能够进一步协助现有的客户和新客户。这也是沃尔沃集团近期宣布与五十铃汽车结成战略联盟的一部分。沃尔沃公司和五十铃汽车之间的战略联盟包括五十铃汽车收购UD卡车。泰国市场现有的经销商网络将由UD Trucks 有限公司管理。该网络将继续为泰国市场的沃尔沃巴士提供零部件销售、维护和维修服务……”


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