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Vehicle Lifespan Policy Is Crucial Says Liow

The Transport Ministry is entering the final stages of studying the vehicle lifespan policy according to a report in The Star Online. Its minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, said to The Star Online however that a date has yet to be agreed on when the policy would be implemented, as it is subjected to the Cabinet’s approval.

Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said, “this policy is crucial because currently, there are many old vehicles that are still in use. For example, one of the buses involved in the recent bus collision in Juru, Penang, was 32 years old and had passed its inspection test at Puspakom just a month before the accident.”

Liow continued by stating that he understood the rakyat’s concerns about the dangers of having old vehicles on the road. “Local governments have also urged the ministry to do it fast, as this would help solve the problem of many old cars abandoned by the roadside. Abandoned old cars would lead to many other problems, like becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

For the policy to be put into effect, Liow said it would require the amendment to the Road Transport Act 1987 to allow the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to terminate a vehicle’s registration once its lifespan was up.

“We are also looking into the possibility of offering incentives to people to bring their vehicles in to be recycled at the Department of Environment. This policy has been introduced in many other countries and some offer cash incentives while some offer discounts for owners to buy a new vehicle,” said Liow to The Star Online, adding that the matter also urgently required further study before the policy is finalised.

Asked to comment on Saturday’s van-truck collision which claimed nine lives near Tapah, Liow, who visited the families of the victims earlier in Ayer Kuning, he stated that he has instructed transport authorities to investigate the actual cause of the collision. “The ministry will not hesitate to take serious action against the truck driver and owner if it’s found that the truck collided into the van due to negligence or recklessness.”

Liow continued, “even in terms of cargo loading, the load taken in a lorry must be properly arranged, otherwise it can contribute to accidents. This also includes tanks carrying liquid. Tanks must be full so that it will be balanced especially when negotiating corners.”

On another matter, the MCA president said it was important for the Chinese community to support MCA to overcome obstacles to bring more development to the country.

“We need the support and mandate from the people because we have been able to deliver results to the rakyat through our work. We are not like the Opposition that plays rhetoric and does nothing but continue planting seeds of hatred among the people. Whatever they say, especially DAP, is very toxic. It only seems as if everybody else is at fault except them,” said Liow.

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