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UD Trucks Appoints Kouji Maruyama as New President

UD Trucks announces the appointment, effective April 1, of Kouji Maruyama (currently Senior Vice President, Japan Sales) as company President. 

UD Trucks Announces New President 

Kouji Maruyama will continue to serve as Head of Japan Sales. Current president Takamitsu Sakamaki will retire as of March 31, 2022. The proposed change which is subject to the approval of the board of directors is scheduled for the end of March. Kouji Maruyama will further drive the company’s Better Life purpose to become a sustainability leader in the commercial vehicle industry by 2025, supported by a four-pillar strategy: “Better for Logistics,” “Better for the Planet,” “Better for People,” and “Better for Business.”

Under the leadership of Kouji Maruyama, UD Trucks will grow the business while addressing the social and environmental challenges faced by society today and tomorrow. This will be done by strengthening the company’s diverse and inclusive culture, investing in its innovation, and manufacturing capabilities. Kouji Maruyama joined UD Trucks in 1985, devoting the majority of his career to frontline sales, sales strategy, and marketing. In 2018, he was appointed to Senior Vice President, Japan Sales. Since then, he has led the company on a mission to be the truck brand of choice among customers. He also spearheaded the introduction of UD Active Steering on the Heavy-Duty Quon in 2021, a breakthrough technology that vastly improves the ease and accuracy of steering while reducing driver fatigue.

Departing President Takamitsu Sakamaki joined UD Trucks in 1980. After gaining a wealth of experience across all manufacturing processes, from engine production to quality control, he became Senior Vice President of Production in 2016 and President of UD Trucks in 2018. He oversaw the integration of production technology from UD Trucks former parent company, Volvo Group. He also helped cultivate the diverse and inclusive culture that is very much a part of the company today.

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