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UD Trucks and Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Celebrate 40 Years of Partnership Success

UD Trucks and Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE) celebrated the 40th anniversary of partnership – the longest ever principal and distributor partnership in UD Trucks’ history globally – with a grand dinner celebration event themed ‘Powering the Nation Forward’. Held at Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, it was graced by Dato’ Rosie Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad and Jacques Michel, President of Volvo Group Trucks Asia and JVs Sales.

Partnership Success for UD Trucks and Tan Chong


Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks, said: “Over the past 40 years, TCIE has been a pioneer and leader in the commercial vehicle services industry in Malaysia. UD Trucks, as a partner, was able to introduce innovative trucks that the world needs today and substantially grow our brand in Malaysia over the years because of a genuine, sturdy and trusted relationship between TCIE and UD Trucks

TCIE has been constantly growing its all-rounded capabilities and enhancing service offerings for customers. Delivering comprehensive and satisfactory truck ownership experience to all valued customers has been our shared core focus.” 

In 2007, Volvo Group acquired Nissan Diesel and several years later in 2010, rebranded it to UD Trucks, which essentially means ‘Ultimate Dependability’. The fundamental relationship between Tan Chong and UD Trucks remained strong despite the change in principal ownership. 

Van den Heede continued: “When the Volvo Group took over, we continued to build on the legacy of Kenzo Adachi, the founder of UD Trucks, to ‘build the truck that the world needs today’. Despite the various challenges that both UD Trucks and TCIE had to face, our common values and goals drove us forward. We continued to step up on our collaboration to strengthen our partnership, which resulted in the continuous creation of key milestones. 

“This led us in Malaysia to become the first market in the world to assemble UD Quester and Croner outside of Japan.  With this 40th year anniversary celebration, we remain confident that TCIE would continue to be the ideal Malaysian partner for many more successful years!” 

TCIE, in 1978, brought in the CK11 and half cab UG780 Nissan Diesel trucks to Malaysia and built on the brand with the latter model. Since then, UD Trucks and TCIE worked continuously in going the extra mile to provide new, innovative and creative trucking solutions for customers. When Volvo Group entered the fray, it was the ultimate intention to combine the best of 3 worlds – UD Trucks’ immense history of Japanese craftsmanship, Volvo Group’s advanced technological know-how and TCIE’s local presence, extensive sales network and aftermarket expertise – to provide trucks that Malaysian customers could fully depend on.  

Wong King Yoon, Director, TCIE, shared: “The pioneering spirit of Tan Chong Group that was espoused by our founder, the late Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Yuet Foh, allowed TCIE to pursue every new opportunity that came with new challenges. The strong bond and deep understanding we developed with UD Trucks and Volvo Group successfully established our reputation, credibility and reliability as one of the best sources for smart trucking solutions in the market today.” 

Wong continued: “From our humble beginning, TCIE now offers a full range of services, from assembly to distribution, marketing, financial and insurance assistance to servicing and full aftermarket support. As the sole distributor and long-term partner of UD Trucks, we have contributed to the growth of the UD brand in Malaysia. We would not have achieved it without UD Trucks and the unwavering support by our business partners and customers.” 

To commemorate this auspicious occasion and reaffirm the continued partnership, top management of Tan Chong Group, UD Trucks and TCIE went on stage in the Kagami Biraki ceremony, a traditional Japanese ceremony where the lid of the sake barrel is opened by knocking with a wooden mallet usually reserved for significant events. Guests were also treated to a sumptuous 8-course dinner, live band performances, Ishikari Japanese dance and lucky draws.

UD Trucks and TCIE also took the opportunity to express their appreciation to partners and customers by giving out the Golden Partnership Award to those who had contributed to this 40-year partnership. 

The first Golden Partnership Award for customer went to ASAC Logistics Sdn Bhd, described as a ‘truly loyal customer’ of TCIE. It was the very first ‘proud’ owner of the CK11 in 1978 and over the years continued to purchase UD trucks. It has more than 500 UD trucks in its fleet and is one of the largest logistic companies in Malaysia

The Award for Sales Dealer went to LK Utara Auto Sdn Bhd. Appointed as the authorised private sales dealer in 1999, it focuses solely on the sale of UD Trucks and has to-date, sold more than 880 units, maintaining its position as the top 3 best performance private sales dealer for 19 consecutive years. 

The Award for Service Dealer went to Mun Chai Auto Works Sdn Bhd. Established in 1980, it was appointed as the authorised service dealer for UD Trucks. Continuous and extensive service and technician training were provided to ensure tip-top service quality. Today, it has more than 20 service bays to cater for its growing business. 

The final Golden Partnership Award for Parts Dealer went to Kaifa Auto Parts Sdn Bhd which continues to maintain its top 5 best performance position since 1999. TCIE appointed Auto Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd as the authorised parts dealer in 1978 and in 1999, the role was transferred to its sister company, Kaifa Auto Parts, to solely focus on UD Trucks.


UD Trucks与陈唱工业用具有限公司欢庆40周年的成功伙伴关系


UD Trucks与马来西亚独家经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(TCIE),于近日举行了一项主题为“驱动国家前进”的盛大晚宴,欢庆双方结为合作伙伴40周年。这是全球UD Truck史上建立了最长久的业主与经销商伙伴关系。这项于吉隆坡Saujana酒店举行的重大盛事,获得陈唱摩多集团控股公司总裁拿督陈兴洲和富豪集团亚洲销售总裁米克尔(Jacques Michel)拨冗出席,令盛会生色不少。

UD Trucks 马来西亚区董事经理赫德 (Filip Van den Heede)在晚会上致词时说:“过去40年来, TCIE一直是马来西亚商用车服务业的先驱和领导者。作为合作伙伴,TCIE和UD Trucks之间真正的、稳固的,以及可信赖的关系,让我们能够推介当今世界所需的创新卡车,并在这些年来大幅推广我们的品牌在马来西亚的增长。”


在 2007年,富豪集团收购了日产柴油,几年后,也就是在2010年将之易名为UD Trucks,意思是终极信赖。尽管主要所有权发生变化,陈唱与UD Trucks之间的基本关系依然稳固。 

赫德续说:“当豪华集团收购时,我们继续秉承着UD Trucks创始人安达坚造(Kenzo Adachi)的信念,打造当今世界所需要的卡车”。尽管 TCIE和UD Trucks不时面对各种挑战,我们共同的价值观和目标驱使我们前进,让我们在每一个机会中获胜。我们继续向前看,加紧合作,加强我们的伙伴关系,从而不断创造关键的里程碑。 

“这使我们在马来西亚成为世界上第一个在日本以外组装UD Quester 和 UD Croner 的市场。适逢欢庆四十周年庆典,我们非常感谢并坚信,TCIE 将继续成为我们在当地制造、销售和客户支持方面,理想的马来西亚伙伴。我们当然是期待更多的成功岁月到来!” 

1978年,TCIE首先引进了CK11和侧置驾驶室 UG780日产柴油卡车, 并通过后来面市的一些车款建立了品牌的知名度。此后,UD Truck与TCIE便一直携手并进,为马来西亚客户提供全新、创新与创意性的运输解决方案。当富豪集团加入了竞争, 其最终目的是结合最好的3个领域,即UD Trucks日本工艺的悠久历史,富豪集团的先进技术知识和广泛的销售网络与TCIE 在本地的存在,广泛的销售网络与专门的售后知识,为马来西亚客户提供他们可以完全依赖的卡车。

陈唱工业用具有限公司总监黄庆云分享说:“我们的创始人–已故丹斯里拿督陈月火所拥护的陈唱集团开拓精神,让TCIE可以追求每一个伴随新挑战而来的新机会。我们与UD Trucks,还有富豪集团建立起来的牢固关系和深入了解,成功地建立了我们的声望、信誉和可靠性,成为今天市场上最佳的智能卡车解决方案资源之一。” 

黄庆云续说:“从一开始的毫不起眼,TCIE发展成为全方位服务的供应者,从组装到配送、市场营销、金融和保险援助到全面的售后服务支持。作为UD Trucks的独家分销商和长期合作伙伴,我们深感欣慰的是,能够为UD品牌在马来西亚的增长做出贡献。如果没有UD Trucks,以及我们的业务伙伴和客户坚定不移的支持,我们不会实现这一切。” 

为了纪念这个值得庆贺的时刻,并重新肯定双方的长期合作,陈唱集团、UD Truck与TCIE的高层管理人员,一起步上舞台参与了日本传统镜开仪式(Kagami Biraki),用一个木槌敲开庆祝重要庆典的日本清酒桶盖子。宾客也品尝了丰盛的8菜盛宴、观看现场乐队表演、跳Ishikari日本舞,还有机会赢取幸运抽奖。 

UD Trucks与陈唱也配合这项庆典,借此向合作伙伴和客户表示感谢,颁发黄金伙伴奖给那些在40年的伙伴关系中做出显著贡献者。 

首个获得黄金伙伴奖的客户是被TCIE形容为真正忠诚客户的ASAC物流有限公司。ASAC物流是最早,也就是1978年拥有CK11的公司。这么多年至今,该公司一直大力支持UD Trucks。他们的车队有500多台UD Trucks,并已发展成为马来西亚最大的物流公司之一。 

经销商黄金伙伴奖得主为LK Utara汽车私人有限公司。自1999年被陈唱委任为私人销售代理以来,该公司把焦点集中在UD Trucks的销售数量,至今已成功售出880部UD Trucks,并连续19年入围最佳业绩私人销售商前三甲排名。 

Mun Chai汽车工程私人有限公司则荣获服务商黄金伙伴奖。成立于1980年的Mun Chai是TCIE委任的UD Trucks指定车厂。结合了持续与专业的服务,提供技工培训以确保尖端服务质量。今天,它拥有超过20个维修厂以应付日益增长的业务。 

黄金合作伙伴奖的最后一个得主是Kaifa汽车零件私人有限公司。自1999年以来,该公司一直保持前五名的最佳业绩表现。TCIE在1978年委任Auto Enterprise (马)有限公司为指定部件供应商,后来在1999年此授权转移到其姐妹公司,以便Kaifa汽车零件私人有限公司将主力集中于UD 卡车。







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