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Turbo Performance Provides Cost Effective Solutions

Turbo Performance Sdn Bhd, a member of YonMing Group, made its presence felt in the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017 through its cost effective solutions for the auto industry.

“Since our establishment in 1999, we have been actively involved in the market. We are backed by a vast inventory of factory assemblies and new parts, including BorgWarner products Airwerks and EFR turbochargers as well as Bosch’s starters and alternators. As the authorised distributor of BorgWarner turbocharging systems in Malaysia, we are responsible not only for the sales but also in servicing the system,” said Branch Manager Yap Sai Ming.

The company also remanufactures and services used turbochargers, unit injectors, common rail injectors, Electric Braking System (EBS) valves, air compressors, starters, alternators, speedometers, among other items.

“We provide sales and a service exchange of remanufactured parts,” he added.

The company has a remanufactured unit on an exchange basis that carries a guarantee that is compliant with the manufacturer’s specification. Thus, he said, every part that the customer purchased from the company, whether it was new or on exchange, would give he/she optimum performance and reliability with the utmost peace of mind when refitted to the engine.

“We offer the best possible products, highly trained and skilled technical back-up and service available for a whole range of applications, including passenger and performance cars, commercial vehicles, off-roaders, plant machinery and power generation systems.”

With the turbo repair service option in place, Yap said it allowed the company to provide its customers with the most cost effective way in dealing with failed commercial turbochargers.

“The common causes of turbo failures are foreign objects that pass through the compressor or turbine, lube oil contamination or the use of the wrong grade of oil, overspeeding and/or overheating often due to the manipulation of the engine or turbo, turbo repairs that are done not according to the manufacturer’s specifications and/or using counterfeit parts. Our repair service helps our customers to reduce downtime and cost while extending the life of their turbochargers.”

Other repair services that the company provides include that for fuel systems, air systems, starters, alternators, brake callipers and steering box.


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