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Truth About Tyre Quality

Truth About Tyre Quality

We’ve all heard the term ‘China Tyre’. It’s often used as a pejorative, something negative.

Commercial Vehicle Operators Should Understand Tyre Quality Issue Better

There are some reasons why this has become a commonly used term and others why it is a totally unfair criticism. As commercial vehicle operators, we shouldn’t fall for such simplistic explanations. It’s our responsibility to understand critical factors that affect our businesses. Tyres are a big one, so let’s understand the quality issue better.

China makes up more than 18 per cent of global tyre exports, which is more than double the amount of the country in second place (Thailand, if you were wondering, with 7.6 per cent). On the flip of this, the US and UK have the highest trade deficit for tyres, meaning they import more than they make and export. So it’s clear that much of China’s output is going to the likes of the USA, Europe and UK. These three markets have some of the most stringent rules regarding regulation and enforcement of quality control, especially regarding tyres, as they recognise their importance to the safety of their population. With E-Mark, we have the most stringent tyres regulation, covering Europe and the UK. DOT is the US equivalent but isn’t quite as tight as E-Mark certification. So, for a ‘China Tyre’ to be sold in Europe, it must have E-Mark certification. This means its quality is on par with the other big names in European tyre manufacturing regarding safe operation. We could debate about longevity, retreadability and CPK of comparable tyres. Still, the simple fact is that China produces tyres that pass every safety and quality regulation that exists globally……

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中国占全球轮胎出口的 18% 以上,比排名第二的国家—泰国的7.6%多了两倍。另一方面,美国和英国的轮胎贸易逆差最高,这意味着它们的进口多于生产和出口。所以很明显,中国的大部分产出都流向了美国、欧洲和英国等国家。这三个市场在轮胎质量的监管和执行方面有一些最严格的规则,因为他们知道轮胎对全体人民安全的重要性。欧洲和英国的E-Marks轮胎法令最为严格。美国的DOT轮胎法令不像E-Mark认证如此严格。因此,中国轮胎想要在欧洲销售就必须拥有E-Mark认证。这意味着其品质和其他知名的欧洲轮胎品牌不相上下,特别是在安全操作方面。我们可以就同类轮胎的寿命、可翻新性和每公里成本进行辩论。尽管如此,中国生产的轮胎通​​过了全球所有的安全和质量法规是一个事实…..


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